Houston Texas Amish Kitchen Cabinets

Amish Cabinets of Texas have the best Houston Texas Amish kitchen cabinets available. Our team of experts have over 50 years of experience once combined. We stand out from other cabinet companies because we are family-operated and veteran-owned. Our cabinets are made right here in the United States, which gives them the best look and durability.

High-quality kitchen cabinets made in the United States.

Our wood cabinets come in a wide range of varieties perfect for any dining room, kitchen remodel, entertainment centers, and so much more. We can even create custom cabinets for your specific home or business. We can work closely with DIY managers, contractors, designers, and builders to make sure your new home or business is looking better than ever.

Our business is based out of Houston, Texas, area, but we offer services to the entire Texas community. Our services can even expand across state lines to other states. All of our cabinets are made from wood found right here in the United States.

Oak, cherry, maple, and walnut are just a few of the options we have to select from. These cabinets are high quality because they never feature particle board unless you request otherwise. Our cabinets will make any home or business look stunning.

How to Get Started with Houston Texas Amish Kitchen Cabinets

Amish Cabinets of Texas’ process for getting you high-quality Amish furniture is thorough and may seem meticulous. Our process is to ensure our clients get exactly what they want and how they want it. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best customer service than any other cabinet company. Our standard should be the standard across the board.

We Meet First

First thing first, we meet with you. We want to know what you are looking for. Our team of experts will ask you all sorts of questions related to the project. Some people know exactly what they want, while others have no idea. In some instances, it is our job to show you options on what they might want.

We will show them a selection of options we have, along with featured designs varying in the room. However, we recommend our clients have some idea of what they want. Our cabinets are built to the 1/8″ increment, and it will help us to know what our client is wanting. We can create semi-custom designs or site-built and prefabricated options.

You may know what kind of cabinets you want, but you may not think of the features you want with them. Features in cabinets are essential to discuss because they give us an idea of how we need to build them. Look, layout and feel are important to keep in mind because they can make or break the cabinet concept as a whole.

We Start Designing

3D renderings will allow clients to get a glimpse of the final product.

Once we have met and have an idea of what you want, we will create sketches and renderings of your desired cabinets. Of course, these renderings and sketches could go through extensive changes once you begin to see the physical shape. Our 3D models will showcase different angles on the designs, so you have the best concept to look at.

When the 3D models are created, we can let you make adjustments to a number of different elements. We are able to change the elevation and footprint of the cabinets. If you have nothing else you want changed, then we can begin to create the cabinets, so they are a reality.

A Quote From Us

It is only until after we have completed the 3D rendering when we price the cabinets. We cannot price during the planning phase because changes could occur that can significantly affect the price. Once you have the quote, we will give you some time to make a decision. You can match our offer with our competitors. We want your complete trust before you make a decision.

We have faith you will pick the best Houston Texas Amish kitchen cabinets from us. Amish Cabinets of Texas are high-quality cabinets for any room in your house or business. Our prices, quality, and service are better than anything out there. We believe it 100%. If you decide to move forward with us (we think you will), we can begin constructing the cabinets.

Request a Free Estimate

The reason you do not receive your quote until after the 3D modeling is complete is because of the numerous options you have in the design phase. Each small change can affect the price of the cabinet substantially. This also ensures your confidence in us to create a high-quality product. Amish furniture is a premium choice over other cabinet companies.

We do not charge you for an initial consultation and estimate. Get to know our team of experts. Hear what they have to say about your concept or listen to them about what they think is best. We want your full confidence in us, and a free estimate is how we obtain that. Our quality products, prices, and service is better than anyone else. Our motto is as follows, “If you can imagine it…we can build it.” We live by that because we want what is best for our clients.

Houston TX Cabinets Near Me

We can place custom cabinets anywhere!

Get in Touch with Us Today!

We have shown you our process. We have been upfront with you on our quotes and the free estimate you get at the beginning. Amish cabinets, specifically ours, have the best quality than any of our competitors. Our products are premium compared to anything else you would get. Our products are also made right here in the United States. That ensures your getting a high-quality product from a trusted manufacturer.

Furthermore, you can learn more about our process, the types of cabinets we offer, and so much more on our website. We would be happy to serve you in the Texas community. If you are interested in what we are offering, then please call us at (281) 587-2663. Take the first step in making your home or business look exceptional. We guarantee you we are the best Houston Texas Amish kitchen cabinets available to you.

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