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7/23/2020 – Sherry Kostick from BLT industries

Amish Cabinets of Texas replaced my kitchen cabinets in 2018. I had priced cabinets at several home improvement stores and was amazed at the high cost. Daniel came to my home and gave me a price on custom made cabinets for my kitchen. Turns out ACofT was significantly less expensive, the quality was light years ahead of the others I had priced and Daniel and his staff do a respectful and very professional job of installation. My Kitchen is the jewel of my home thanks to ACofT and Daniel. The following summer I had them install cabinets in my bathroom and utility room. Now I love those rooms as much as my kitchen. Daniel does the designing and he is very talented, solving every problem I presented and even some that I didn’t see myself. I highly recommend Amish Cabinets of Texas to anyone looking for quality, custom made, affordable cabinets…but only if you want to fall in love with your kitchen again!!


7/3/2020 – Skip

We were very pleased with the built-in wall units provided by Amish Cabinets of Texas! We previously had them do some modifications as well as complete new units and that was helpful this time as we had a reference to work from. We also had one unit that they designed and built without any previous involvement which went very well also. In all, there were three built-in wall units the Amish replaced after Hurricane Harvey and we are very happy with all three. From the design phase through the build phase and eventually installation, Daniel and Cindy were easy to work with and in fact very helpful in suggesting some modifications to the previous units resulting in excellent pieces of furniture. Their installation crew was also very professional! We would be very happy to recommend Daniel and Cindy to anyone!


7/1/2018 – Ellen and Edwin Parry

Excellent service throughout the whole process of our complete kitchen remodel! Daniel and his crew were punctual and professional. The cabinets are gorgeous, functional and really well made. Highly recommend.


4/3/2018 – Ed and Karen Pickle Humble, TX

We have done many home major renovations projects over 40 + years of marriage and 7 homes. As my husband is a woodworker and extremely handy around the house, we have always been able to select craftsmen that would give us the finished product that we had in mind. None of that prepared us for what we encountered with a post Harvey flood rebuild. The sheer number of homes affected made it difficult to find people, get the work done in a timely fashion, and most importantly have a quality outcome. The one exception was working with Daniel Kelly at Amish Cabinets. From the first moment we contacted him, it was the best experience we have had in a major renovation project. He helped us design our kitchen cabinetry, including little details for me, the cook, and for the woodworker, my husband. Each piece was custom, the woodwork details and finish were beyond our wildest dreams. His installation team was clean, courteous, and skilled. We felt that our pricing was on par of what would be spent for prefab with someone else, but the quality was outstanding. As we knew this is what we had always wanted in our kitchen, we called very quickly after the flooding to work with Amish Cabinets of Texas. The delivery was exactly as promised along with installation. We don’t often times rate a company as excellent, we do not hesitate giving Daniel and Amish Cabinets of Texas our highest recommendation.

Description of work:

Custom kitchen, master bedroom, bath, media cabinets and two custom designed fireplace mantels


4/24/2017 – Daniel Barton – Tomball, TX

Amish Cabinets came to my house to size and quote personally. When the cabinets came in they completed the installation within half a day. The cabinet quality and range of choices in stains, paints, trim style, wood types, and accessories is far better than any big box and at a price that is considerable less.

Description of work:

I needed cabinets for a new laundry room.


9/9/2014 – Linda and Glenn Ratzel

Daniel was on time and very conscientious while working. He made everything perfect! He worked with us every step of the way and nothing was left out! We love Amish Cabinets of Texas. Prices were great!

Description of work:

Amish Cabinets installed in kitchen.


2/25/2014 – Michael Shoemaker

When we had a flood that required extensive repairs, including replacing all of the cabinets in the kitchen and three bathrooms, we were sure that we were going to be lucky if insurance would cover even basic pressboard cabinets. But from the first meeting with Amish Cabinets we realized that we would not only be able to replace the cabinets, but that we could actually make dramatic improvements using higher quality materials and new designs than we could have expected! It would take pages to cover everything, but here is a brief summary of some of the things that Amish Cabinets did for us: Amish Cabinets took some basic ideas we had and improved dramatically on them with design ideas that helped us gain significant storage space and efficiency. They relocated the built-in oven, reclaiming previously unusable corner and wall space, custom designing solid bamboo cabinets with Brazilian granite counters which replaced 20+ year old pressboard cabinets. A matching hutch for glassware was also designed and built into an adjacent room. Master Bath: Starting from magazine photos we liked, Amish Cabinets designed totally custom and modern cabinets from caramelized bamboo, including solid bamboo countertops with granite vessel sinks. Amish Cabinets even designed and built custom mirrors and a new window sill using matching caramelized bamboo, resulting in an elegant master bathroom. Guest Bathrooms: Two other bathrooms and a closet storage unit were designed and built using hard maple solid wood cabinets and granite counter tops. And as with the kitchen, the designs actually increased the usable storage in each room. From the beginning, Daniel and the team from Amish Cabinets worked with us on designs and materials selection, adding ideas and improvements we would never have even thought possible, all while staying within budget. Rather than simply installing prebuilt cabinets, Amish Cabinets became a partner in creating and executing a custom vision for our home that exceeded all of our expectations. We highly recommend Daniel and the team at Amish Cabinets of Texas!

Description of work:

Complete Kitchen cabinet redesign and build plus all cabinetry in three bathrooms.  All solid wood cabinets, including bamboo in kitchen and master bath, plus granite countertops.