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Find An Excellent Solid Wood Cabinet Company | Katy, TX

For a great Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company, consider hiring Amish Cabinets of Texas! We are custom cabinet makers committed to providing great work and customer service. We specialize in hardwood cabinetry for commercial and residential spaces. Our many years of experience serve to bring you high-quality work your domicile deserves.

Our attention to detail and commitment to our craft has given us a sterling reputation among cabinet makers. We are a family-owned business dedicating to providing custom-made cabinets for home improvement projects. Amish Cabinets of Texas can’t be bested in terms of price, quality, and service.

We offer free designs, estimate, and consultation, so don’t hesitate to call today or visit us at our location. We’d be thrilled to help you improve your home.

Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company

Contact Amish Cabinets of Texas, your trusted Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company, to learn more!

Meet Amish Cabinets of Texas, The Best Katy, TX Solid Wood Cabinet Company

Founded in the early nineties, Amish Cabinets of Texas began as a small business based in Houston, run by a schoolteacher. Now under new leadership, we have expanded our services to cover all of Texas, including the Katy, TX area. We are proud to serve our Texan communities.

We make affordable, bespoke cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the home office, living room, and other rooms in the house. Our cabinets are made to fit anywhere. They are suitable for any type of dwelling, from single-room cottages to sprawling mansions.

No matter what your design needs are, we can help you bring your ordinary room to new and vibrant life. Feel your productivity skyrocket with our useful, aesthetically-pleasing custom cabinets. For beautiful cabinets of all kinds, Amish Cabinets of Texas can be relied upon as your Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company.

Explore Our Services

Amish Cabinets of Texas provides custom-made cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, office, living room, fireplace surround, pantry, and much more.

Our cabinets are made of hardwood and solid wood, of hickory, maple, cherry walnut, and mahogany styles. They feature adjustable shelves, panel ends, boxes, doors, face frames, and custom mitor lock joints.

Cabinets are endlessly versatile in function, with a sleek beauty that can instantly enliven the most chaotic of kitchens and the dullest of bathrooms. Whether you are lacking sorely needed storage space for all your things or are doing extensive remodeling, our cabinets are the ones you need for all your purposes.

How do we make high-quality cabinets? The process is very simple. First, we meet with you at your home and ask a range of questions about your home and the state of your cabinets. What purpose do you want your cabinets to serve? What style or pattern would you like them to have? We have plenty of style options for solid wood, including hickory, maple, cherry walnut, and mahogany.

Once you have landed on a design, we will render it for you, making sure it is scaled to the proper dimensions and sizing. This ensures that it will fit your house’s very unique measurements, which is important when it comes to functionality and safety. We will render the design into 3D models that showcase a wide variety of angles.

After that’s done, we price the work. It’s that easy! You may even compare our prices and services to other competitors. We sincerely believe we are the best in terms of price, services, and quality.

Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company

We can take your cabinets from drab to fab in no time.


If you are planning an extensive kitchen remodeling, then kitchen cabinets are a must. The kitchen is one of the messiest and most used rooms in your house. You need plenty of space to store your utensils, tools, pots, pans, and more.

We can make kitchen cabinets that suit your culinary needs. They can have increased storage space for all your tools and easily accessible drawers. We can even install a custom kitchen island for a sleeker, more balanced look to your kitchen. The possibilities are endless!


We also provide cabinets for the bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. It greets you when you get up in the morning and is usually the last room you visit when you turn it at night. For hygiene and beauty care, having cabinets that can accommodate those needs are crucial in order to start the day off right.

We can add drawers to your cabinet so they could hold more of your clothes or install a pull-out cabinet for toiletries. The lovely efficiency and easy personalization of our cabinets makes them perfect for any kind of purpose.


For disorganized, cluttered offices, good, custom-made cabinets are a must. Offices are messy hubs often brimming with paperwork, stationary, books, research, folders, and much more. Finding everything you need quickly and having it within arm’s reach is essential for your productivity.

Cabinets can transform your chaotic office into a neat, orderly locus. Your concentration will improve and so will the efficiency with which you do your work. Moreover, cabinets can free up the space you need for other materials. Our cabinets’ practical benefits, as well as the pleasure of their aesthetic, will help re-energize you and boost your productivity.

Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company

Amish Cabinet Makers is one of the most outstanding cabinet makers!

Contact Amish Cabinets of Texas Today!

Cabinets is one of the most versatile and most useful pieces of furniture in your home. They can store, hide, and collect items. For the kitchen, bathroom, office, and other rooms, they can be indispensable for a growing family. If your cabinets have suffered wear and tear, or if you simply desire a change, Amish Cabinets of Texas can help.

Our business is conducted with the highest principles of balance, order, and cleanliness. We have over fifty years of combined experience in our craft to make beautiful, functional cabinet that give joy to your home.

So what are you waiting for? Call or text Amish Cabinets of Texas today for a free estimate, design, and consultation! You can even check out our many events. We hope you can trust Amish Cabinets of Texas as the highest-quality Katy, TX solid wood cabinet company around.

Fun Facts About Katy, TX:

  • It was once known as Cane Island, for Cane Island Creek.
  • It was once the winter feeding grounds of buffalo and large flocks of wild ducks, geese, and whooping cranes.
  • It was formally incorporated in 1945.