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Your bathroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. It will greet you in the morning and bid you good night when you retire. It is continuously used for hygiene and beauty care. That’s why we believe that for these reasons, it should be evocative of these same energies. The seamless functionality and aesthetics of our Houston bathroom cabinets and custom vanity units will empower and refresh you on a daily basis.

You’ll also have space and access to all of the different items or services you need. Whether you need a specific cabinet for laundry or an intricate drawer for socks, you can get the most personalized bathroom cabinets or custom vanity units built for your Houston home through Amish Cabinets!



Let us know if you need a consultation for your home. Bring us a picture of the bathroom cabinet or custom vanity unit you envision, and we can build it. That’s our business model, after all. We have helped countless clients through this method, and we intend to help you, too. To see our collection of designs, look through our gallery here. We can provide you with results like those. Contact us when the time is right!

Creating the perfect master bath or bathroom is going to be quite the project. However, it will be well worth it. Every aspect should be considered and you should not spare a single penny on the final product. The outcome will be life-changing if it is done right. This is a key component, as some remodeling services don’t provide as many great options or the design may not be as extensive.

In order to ensure that you receive the best quality, Amish Cabinets offers a free estimate and consultation to prove our value. We have built cabinets, bathrooms and other rooms in the house for over ten years. Our expertise is unmatched and the caliber of quality that we provide will not compare to other competitors.

If you want the perfect cabinets for your bathroom, there is a lot to consider. We will make sure you are aware of your possibilities, though. You can make all sorts of changes and revisions, after all, it’s your home! For our services, all we will need from you is your designs. They can be simple or very detailed. All that matters is that we get the right concept and refine it the way you want it.

You can add drawers to hold more of your clothes or another pull-out cabinet for extra towels and toiletries. The design could be remade to be in the theme of Art-Deco or even French Colonialism if that is what you desire. Our capabilities are wide-ranging and we offer all of them to you. We want to make sure we do everything possible to make your dream home a reality. Amish Cabinets has the ability to make your cabinets look and feel like unique one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

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If you are seeking a consultation for your home, let us know. Our form is located here. We offer the best quality services and can help you envision any design for your home. Our veteran crew has both designers and builders alike who are experts in their field. If you would like, you can explore our gallery to gain more inspiration. We love help new customers, and our past clientele can vouch for our customer satisfaction.

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