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Let’s Get Started

The Process

When you work with Amish Cabinets of Texas in Houston, you’ll find our custom made, high end cabinet design process thorough and meticulous. We want to make sure that we offer the best service possible. In order to help our clients make the most out of their time, we provided a basic overview of our process.

We hope that the outline below will greatly benefit those who aren’t sure how to begin a custom cabinet job. Soon, you’ll know exactly what to expect from Amish Cabinets of Texas. Hopefully, you’ll consider our process the standard for Houston custom made, high end, cabinetry design. Don’t settle for rushed designs and inattentive customer service. Instead, bring us your vision. Our talented team will do the rest.


Rendering Sketch of kitchen cabinets


The Meeting

The first stage of the process is our initial meeting. When we first meet you, we’ll ask a range of questions about your home or the cabinets themselves. Our goal is to find out the desired uses and aesthetics that you have in mind. Often, people want a certain style but they haven’t considered all of their options. That’s usually because they aren’t aware of all the possibilities. We have a wide selection of materials, stains, patterns, and more. Our extensive customization options will spark your creativity or solidify your pre-existing design.

What do you see in your home?

We offer 100% custom made, high end cabinet designs that can be built to the 1/8″ increment. We can make several different types of cabinets, including site-built, prefabricated, and semi-custom cabinets. Each cabinet is constructed differently, so it’s helpful to have at least a general idea of your ideal cabinets before we meet.

What Features Would You Like To Have? 

We ensure that every feature you request is incorporated in a stylish but utilitarian form. During our initial meeting, the concept will be confirmed and the materials will be discussed and slated for the next stage.

We ensure that your idea will take center stage because we work with you from start to finish. Also, we’ll make sure that your new cabinets make your home more efficient and organized. We’ll help you find the best layout, look, and overall feel for your home. Our job is to create cabinetry that increases the value and enjoyment of your home.


Once we’ve finished designing the cabinets, the plans will undergo intensive edits. During this stage, we ensure that your vision is scaled to the proper dimensions and sizing. Your home may require very unique measurements, which is vital to functionality and safety. Our designers will render your designs into 3D models that showcase a wide variety of angles. These models give you a clearer picture of your new cabinets and their structural integrity.

As we continue to render your designs in this 3D software, we have the opportunity to adjust many different elements. For example, we can make changes to the elevation and footprint of the cabinets. Soon, through a joint effort, we’ll create exactly what you envisioned. With careful analysis, a final design will start to materialize.


Only after we have rendered the design in multiple formats for you, we price the work. You deserve to know the costs for the exact design you desire. We give you the opportunity to weigh the benefits and features of our offer against competitors. We want you to contract us for the work only after we’ve completely earned your trust.

We understand that you have other options, but we truly believe that we are the best in terms of quality, price, and service. That’s why our initial consultation is free, our final designs are yours to keep, and we don’t charge for revisions. When you select Amish Cabinets of Texas to design your new cabinetry, you’ll be able to do so with full confidence that you’ll receive exactly what you want at a price you won’t regret.

At this point, we will happily begin construction. This part of the process is not going to be discussed in detail in this section. To learn more about our design process, visit the Custom Construction page on our website.



Hopefully, you now have a better picture of how Amish Cabinets of Texas helps you develop the best custom cabinetry for your home. When you’re ready to get started, call us to schedule your free initial consultation!

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