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Katy TX new kitchen cabinets

Do you need help choosing the best options for your Katy TX new kitchen cabinets? Amish Cabinets of Texas is here to help. We have over 50 years of collective experience crafting high-quality kitchen, bath, and office cabinets.

Our customers often have many questions about their remodeling project. Here are some of the most common ones we see.

Katy TX new kitchen cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen can include refacing, replacing, or redesigning cabinets.

What are my remodeling options?

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be refaced, replaced, or redesigned. Each of these remodeling jobs has pros and cons. Further, the best solution depends on your needs and dreams.


This is considered the most affordable option. However, refacing cabinets is not ideal for everyone. The goal of refacing is to address exterior issues.

So, you should consider a few factors before choosing to reface:

Outward appearance: Do your cabinets need a coat of paint, or are they literally falling off the wall? A refacing job includes painting and replacing knobs or handles, as well as hinges. However, it does not include replacing destroyed wood.

Interior: Do you have water stains inside your cabinet? Are your cabinet bottoms rotting or falling out?

Refacing won’t solve those problems.


It may seem like replacing is the middle ground, but this is not always so. While it’s always more expensive than refacing, replacing costs can be almost as expensive as redesigning. It depends on your project.

For example, you’ll pay much more for custom-built cabinets than cookie-cutter cabinets. However, there will be a clear trade-off in quality and lifespan.

In addition, knobs and handles aren’t always cheap. Companies make bulk knobs and handles and sell them in two- or four-packs, but you’ll buy designer handles or knobs individually.


Redesigning for Katy TX new kitchen cabinets is a big investment, but it’s almost always a much-needed upgrade. For example, many homeowners do not have adequate storage space, or their cabinets are awkwardly placed. Customizing the kitchen will allow you to add an island, remove an awkward cabinet, add a new cabinet, and more.

How long does it take to remodel my kitchen?

Generally, the process for replacing and redesigning cabinets is a lengthy one, even if you’re buying a cookie-cutter cabinet. General contractors will go through a few steps:

Design and plan

You’ll probably start your project with a consultation. Your contractor will look at your kitchen, take measurements, and go over what you would like done. Afterward, you’ll choose your cabinet style and receive an estimate.

However, custom designing is usually a better option. The design phase often takes longer, but it allows for much better accuracy and design.

For example, at Amish Cabinets of Texas, we don’t just create a 2-D drawing of your kitchen. We’ll render up several 3-D models and go over the best options based on your kitchen’s design and your dreams. That way, you can be sure you have gotten the highest quality and design available instead of opting for a cookie-cutter solution that probably won’t make the most of your kitchen space.

Remove old cabinets

Unfortunately, your general contractor won’t be able to use the same wall mounts as your current cabinets. They’ll have to remove the supports and install new ones. Removing needs to be done very carefully because you don’t want to take out your drywall with your support beams.

Katy TX new kitchen cabinets

Redesigning kitchen cabinets maximizes your layout and modernizes your kitchen.

Install new cabinets

Installing is a lengthy project. It involves:

Leveling: Cabinets must be level, period. So from the start, your general contractor will be checking and rechecking and re-rechecking to make sure your cabinets are perfectly level.

Locating studs and installing mounts: If you’ve ever had to find a stud, you know how big of a pain this process is. That stud finder lies!

Thankfully, general contractors are well trained and can quickly find the studs. However, studs are not always in the best place for the mounting hardware, so your general contractor may have to get creative with support placement.

Installing cubbies: Cabinets are heavy, so it’s quite a chore to hold up a cabinet while mounting it to the wall. Contractors usually have handy tools to help, but if they’re doing the project on their own, it is still difficult.

Installing doors: Hinges are problem makers. A good contractor knows an efficient way to install them correctly, but you can’t rush through the process. Unless you want to hear your cabinets squeak all day.

Adding handles or knobs: Many homeowners are skipping over handles or knobs, so you may not have this step. However, if you are getting knobs or handles, it can be very rewarding to watch! Your kitchen really falls into place.

How much do Katy TX new kitchen cabinets cost?

Remodeling costs depend on the scope of your project. Here are some general guidelines, but keep in mind that every project has different goals and needs. So, be sure to contact multiple companies for the best price and quality.

Refacing: You may pay as little as $800 or more than $1,500. It depends on which handles or knobs you pick, plus whether you’re choosing to paint or stain the cabinets.

Replacing: This is probably the most difficult category to put a number on because it depends on so many factors. So, the range we could give is between $8,000 and $20,000 or more. However, your project could easily cost less or more.

Redesigning: You’ll probably pay at least $8,000 for a redesign. However, most projects have a much, much larger scope, so it’s not unusual for a kitchen remodeling project to cost well over $15,000.

Katy TX new kitchen cabinets

Bring your dreams for Katy TX new kitchen cabinets to life at Amish Cabinets of Texas.

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Amish Cabinets of Texas proudly offers custom hardwood cabinetry that is 100% made in the USA. We have years of experience creating kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as those for other home improvement projects.

We believe our clients deserve excellent customer service and an unbeatable experience. That’s why we offer free estimates for our custom cabinets, and all of our remodeling designs are yours to keep, even if you choose to use another company.

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Fun Facts about Katy, Texas

  • Before Katy was settled in 1872, buffalo used to roam the wide prairie.
  • The first community in Katy was called Cane Island.
  • Katy has been hosting an annual Rice Festival since 1981.
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