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Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

We at Amish Cabinets of Texas construct the best Katy TX custom kitchen cabinets near me. Our mission is to get you closer to the dream home that you’ve always envisioned. We can give you creative freedoms to design your dream home. We will help you create and cater to your design.

The Kitchen is where we usually spend most of our time besides our bedrooms; the main event for families occurs here, from eating, cooking, cleaning, and washing. Here we have the back door, where quests first see our home, and we eat breakfast. The Kitchen is usually the most used in the morning, so we refer to it as the staging area. Since all the plans get made in the Kitchen for the rest of the day. We strive to make this the most aesthetically pleasing place to live in possible.

The Work We Do

The custom kitchen cabinets are easy to work with, soft-closing, and made out of solid, durable wood. Upon request, we do offer MDF or particleboard components. They come in several types, including prefabricated, site-built, and semi-custom cabinets. We give extra attention to our 1/8′ of the design. So, we guarantee that no two of our designs end up the same.

Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Our selection of kitchen cabinets is second to none!

We also do cabinets for everyone; cabinets are perhaps the most versatile and universally used piece of furniture. Other than cabinets for your Kitchen remodel. We also make bookcases, bathroom cabinets, entertainment systems, cabinets for the living room and bedroom, or any use. Your office space can also be one that can use some special consideration and give a professional look with our custom cabinets. We also have experience with butler’s pantries, wine cabinets, and elegant China cabinets.

Here you can view some of our best-featured work to see the styles and craftsmanship we have employed before:

Our History and Mission

Living day in and day out in our homes can overlook the hard work and fine attention to detail. Custom cabinets can provide a more aesthetic experience and efficient space for storage in a bathroom or Kitchen. We combine the three functions of strength, practical use, and beauty in every one of our cabinets. The products and materials we use are American-made, built to last, and function.

A home that you personalize inspires and energizes. It brings balance, cleanliness, and order to the home. We can bring you the most excellent cabinets of your dreams with our attentive and diligent, family-taught woodworking. Each cabinet is suited for your desires because we don’t have a brand to see for you.

The Better Business Bureau has given us our A+ ratings, which speaks volumes to the dedication you can bring to our business as a customer. So, please take note of that.

The Process At Amish Cabinets of Texas

To make your high quality and luxurious yours, we begin with a meeting to discuss your ideas. We’ll figure out the cabinet of your dreams right before your eyes and get what you envision in your head on paper. Before you start, here is an outline of the process. You should know it beforehand, knowing what to expect since it will help you receive the best service possible.


Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Our contractors will work with you every step of the way to ensure your cabinet designs fit your vision. Your search for Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me starts with Amish!

Our first meeting together will consist of questions from us and you; we will ask things about your home and the cabinets you want. Our goal is to nail down this even if you know none of the terms for the styles, designs, materials, or patterns. After seeing what we can offer, you might realize you have not considered all the possibilities you can work with.


We head to the computer after working together to get everything laid in pencil and multiple formats. Before committing to the final design, we can show you everything as a 3D model. It will show you exactly what it will look like in the room from multiple angles. We can test the design’s structural integrity, which helps us with our ability to edit our plans. The final design will soon come into sight for you and us.


Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

3D Custom Cabinet Design

After creating the final design and rendering it in various formats, we can give you an estimate for your office, bath, or kitchen cabinets. We don’t believe in paying until you’re great with the design. We know you have other options for your Katy TX custom kitchen cabinets near me. So, we are confident in telling you that there is no place you will find a better service or product. Our competitive prices, high-quality materials, cabinets, and customer care will convince you to stay with us throughout the process.

Now that you understand the process before we start touching wood, you have a better idea of your role in this process. Contact us for more information.

Katy TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

We also have over twenty years of wood cabinets experience. Our team has a combined experience that exceeds fifty years. We are dedicated to our artistry and expertise and promise to deliver the best in the industry. Artisanal craftsmanship is what we employ, and our product’s long-lasting material and structure. We feel your most crucial draw to our company should be the selection of cabinets and our customization.

We want to recommend taking advantage of our free estimates and consultations; We want you to have the dream home that you always imagined for yourself, contact us. For Katy TX custom kitchen cabinets near me, call (281) 587-2663 or email us at

Katy TX Fun Facts

  • Numerous UFO sightings reported each month in Katy
  • Katy was once known as Cane Island after the Cane Island Creek, which runs west of the city’s center.
  • Houston is a 30-minute drive from Katy.
  • Katy was initially known for its rice farming that has dwindled through the years.
  • For more information about Katy, TX, please visit our website.