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Elegant Custom Cabinetry Created By Expert Craftsmen | West University Place, TX

If you are tired of plain-Jane-looking cabinets, Amish Cabinets of Texas offers completely custom cabinetry West University Place, TX. Our cabinets are unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. We design, build and install cabinets that fit flawlessly and seamlessly in your space. Our cabinets are made with only the best quality materials, and our craftsmen and designers have been in the cabinetry-making business for over twenty years.

For a free estimate, fill out our form today. When you are ready to see how our custom cabinetry West University Place, TX can improve your space, give us a call. We will come to you!

custom cabinetry West University Place, TX

Custom cabinetry West University Place, TX for Amish Cabinets of Texas combines durability, unique design, and incredible function for your home.

Custom Cabinetry West University Place, TX

No matter where you are in Texas, we can come to you to create the best custom cabinets. You have your choice of a multitude of materials to use as well as styles, designs, patterns, stains, colors, and so much more. We can work with site-built, prefabricated, and semi-custom cabinets.

If you have a design you want us to build on, we would be more than happy to accommodate. However, we would love to discuss ideas if you want something completely new and built from the ground up.

Our designs are made to fit the 1/8″ increment. This means that your cabinets will fit perfectly together in your space, no matter how awkward the angle may be. In these areas, we can really have fun with designs that have never been created before in anyone else’s home.

The cabinets we create are more than just convenient shelving and a pretty design. Our cabinets offer unique solutions to storage problems in the home. Each home is built differently, meaning they will have unique issues. One problem that most people have is proper storage.

The major issue with storage is it can often look unappealing, which can throw off the cohesiveness of any room. Whether it is an unsightly garbage can in the kitchen, not enough space in the laundry room, or awkward corners in the bathroom, these problems can ruin the looks of any home.

When we create your cabinets, we keep these problems and your desired solutions in mind. No matter your issue, we are sure to create a solution and make it look elegant.

custom cabinetry West University Place, TX

We discuss every detail of your cabinets down to the decorative corners to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Let’s Start Your Process

When you are ready to start, one of the first things we do comes to you. Where ever you are in Texas, whether you are in Houston or all the way in the panhandle, we will come to you for your consultation. Take note that when we do meet, it is important to have a good idea of what you are looking for with your cabinets.

This is because we will be asking you a series of questions based on what you want. For instance, we will need to know what type of materials, stain pattern, and many other options you may not have considered before.

Along with materials and style, we will also want to discuss layout and any specific criteria you may want with your cabinets. For instance, if you want easier access to items, better organization, or display options, we will need to know. We can discuss different ideas to see which one you like best.

When we have a good idea of what you want, we will need to take measurements. Some homes require very specific measurements. This will contribute to flawless fit, ease of function, and safety.

Once we finalize some details, we will provide a 3D rendering of your cabinets. This is the exciting part. This is where we get to make your designs come to life. During this stage, we can make any adjustments, big or small.

We can adjust the elevation, colors, styles, layout, or anything else you may want. We will continue working with you to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for.

After the rendering is complete, we will offer you a quote. This quote will grant you the opportunity to compare pricing with our competitors.

We are more interested in helping you get what you want rather than making you feel obligated to pay for something you won’t be happy with. However, we are 100% confident you will love what we do. If you love what we offer, we will start work as soon as you give us the okay.

Check Out our Gallery and Showroom

When shopping around for cabinet contractors, it is important to see their past work. You wouldn’t commission an artist of any kind without seeing their work first. We would expect you to do the same with us. So if you want to see what we have done in the past for customers, we highly recommend looking at some of these galleries below:

Looking at pictures is great. You can see different styles in different spaces. However, nothing compares to seeing it up close in person. Looking at the Sistine Chapel looks cool in photos, but if you’ve ever seen it in person, then you know nothing compares.

To see our work in person, give us a call to schedule an appointment at our showroom. It is located in Houston right off of 45. Our showroom hours are available Monday through Saturday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Contact Amish Cabinets of Texas

Since the early 90s, Amish Cabinets of Texas has proudly served the Houston area and all over Texas. We offer one-of-a-kind cabinet designs and installs no matter where you are in the state. What sets us apart from other contractors (other than our craft) is that we do not charge additional fees for out-of-town residents.

We still provide the same great pricing and services as they were here in Houston. We send our lead contractor, Dan, to you to help create your cabinets and take measurements.

If you want elegant custom cabinetry West University Place, TX unlike anything you’ve ever seen, then contact Amish Cabinets of Texas today.

custom cabinetry West University Place, TX

We can create unique storage solutions for just about any issue you may have.

Fun Facts for West University Place, TX

  • It is the 4th largest city area in the nation.
  • It includes communities such as Houston, Bellaire, and Southside Place.
  • Places such as the Galleria and the Texas Medical Center are just a few minutes away.