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Custom features incorporated to increase storage and functionality.

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Recovery and renovation followed after more than 5′ of Harvey floodwater receded from this house. Now, the home features custom shaker style cabinets throughout. The recessed wood frames the cabinet handles and removes monotony from the occasion, without making an overstatement. These cabinets don’t draw too much attention to themselves, yet refuse to be overlooked.

In the kitchen, these painted maple cabinets and trim are accented by the natural cherry island. At once beautiful and practical, the island perfectly hides a barstool, minifridge, and over ten box drawers. No inch of vertical space is under-utilized in this design; the additional storage leaves ample counterspace for food preparation, or decoration. Even an obscure coffee cupboard has been furnished adjacent to the bar, with enough space to fit outlets for the coffee maker and other appliances.

Elsewhere in the home, the shaker style cabinets make a reappearance. The gentle off-white paint provides a subtle contrast from the flooring and walls, no matter which room the cabinets are placed in. The purposeful arrangement of box drawers and open shelving provides convenience when needed and privacy when preferred. From kitchen to laundry room to bathroom and beyond, each set of cabinets is coordinated, yet unique to the space and purpose for which it is needed.

Each area has its own special arrangement of shelves and drawers, to maximize both floorspace and functionality. Amish Cabinets of Texas seamlessly coordinate ingenuity and structure. We can integrate a similar style or color palette throughout your home, yet no two cabinets need look exactly the same. We ask you to explore your unique storage needs for each room. What items do you use and retrieve most often? Where would you like to stow your clothes, utensils, toiletries, and even memories? One cabinet at a time, we will construct the perfect space to store all of your possessions. Even appliances, furniture, and decorations can be tucked away within our superbly constructed drawers, armoires, and islands. Consider the possibilities, then consider the impossible. Amish Cabinets of Texas can achieve them both.

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