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Houston TX Affordable Custom Cabinets

Are you in the market for Houston TX affordable custom cabinets? Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you’re just starting to browse your options, Amish Cabinets of Texas is the first place you should look. Browse the affordable options in our photo gallery now!

Houston TX affordable custom cabinets

The Amish Cabinets of Texas Logo

What Can Amish Cabinets of Texas Offer You?

Our Houston, TX-based company has satisfied local customers with beautiful and unique Amish custom cabinetry since the early 1990s. We expanded to serve customers statewide in 2008.

We offer expert advice, over 20 years of experience, excellent service, and an extensive variety of materials. Furthermore, your custom cabinetry will be measured precisely down to 1/8 of an inch. This ensures functionality and safety. During the design process, we will render images and 3D models of our designs so you can see your ideas come to life. And finally, your options are all beautiful high-quality furniture grade woods.

Furthermore, our cabinetry is low maintenance. Each piece is American-made, perfectly fitted, professionally installed, and built to last for generations. Are you planning to pass your house down through the family? Generations will enjoy the work we put in together. Are you planning to sell your home and looking to raise its value with a kitchen and bath remodel? Our beautiful artisanship will undoubtedly help! Are you designing your dream kitchen or bathroom? We have affordable options of the highest quality craftmanship ready for you to see in our Houston, Texas showroom.

Houston TX Affordable Custom Cabinets Are Our Specialty!

We strive to be precise, diverse, and affordable. One way in which we are committed to affordability is that you don’t pay a dime unless you decide to allow us to transform your home. Also, the entire process, from viewing our showroom tour to discussing your estimated quote, is 100% free. Our Houston TX affordable custom cabinets are perfect for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, office remodeling, or improving the look and functionality of any room where cabinet styles matter to you.

The Customization Process

Your custom cabinetry experience will be full of important decisions involving shelving, doors, hinges, drawer glides, drawer boxes, and hardware. So many decisions may seem daunting now, but our expert team will be there to guide you. We will ensure you are familiar with your choices and fully satisfied with your design before you pay for anything.

To start your free customization and design process, call (281-587-2663) to make an appointment to visit our showroom. We are located at 301 Wells Fargo Drive Suite 7 in Houston, TX. Appointments are available starting at 8:30 am every Monday – Saturday. We will ask questions about your wants, needs, and current furniture arrangement. We will give you a tour of our showroom during the same appointment, show you samples of material choices, and review your customization options.

Houston TX affordable custom cabinets

A 3D model example of Houston TX affordable custom cabinets

Following that appointment, we will begin to design and render images of your custom cabinetry. Throughout this stage, our team will create a 3D to-scale model of the work we plan to do. We will be in contact with you throughout this process, and you are welcome to make changes along the way at no cost. After you approve a final design and model, we will provide you with your estimated quote.

If you decide to move forward, we will begin to work with you on an installation plan. In keeping with our commitment to affordability, you only pay for the building and installation process, not a penny beforehand. You have many options when pursuing home renovations; however, our price and quality are unmatched. Contact us today to begin your individualized process and experience our superior service and affordability for yourself!

Why Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture is a term used to describe a diverse and varying style of construction that relies on interlocking wood in the place of nails and screws. According to Modern Bungalow’s Brief History of Amish Furniture, the Amish value community, family businesses, and hard work. Carpentry and farming are taught beginning at a young age, passed down generationally, and used as a means to support one’s family.

Houston TX affordable custom cabinets

Joint options that impact door panel design.

The early Amish had a tendency to avoid using nails and screws. To remove this need in their carpentry, they created the dovetail joints and mortise and tenon joinery. Creative Classics adds that two more methods, dado joinery, and dowel joinery, were later introduced.

Amish Cabinets of Texas offers several types of joints including, custom Mitler Lock Joints, Dove Tail Drawer Joints, and Square Joints. All will impact the way your finished product will look. Therefore, we will discuss in detail what options work best with your other choices, including the choice of wood and face frames. This is a particularly important indoor panel design. You can see more information about that here.

Miter Lock VS Dove Tail Joints In Drawers

The miter lock joint is named after the Mitre. (A Mitre is the pointed hat Bishops of the Catholic Church wear.) This joint uses two beveled edges that come together to form a corner. Though often criticized for its weakness, this type of joint amplifies the strength of cabinet drawers and doors.

The dovetail joint was created as a substitution for wood glues. Unlike the miter lock joint, this joint type involves edges of wooden pieces tapered in an alternating pattern fitting snugly together. This interlocking pattern holds the pieces in place as your custom cabinetry begins to take shape. We utilize this joint type in our drawer boxes, which we then reinforce with a dado or slide-in joint for increased stability.

Both joint types have their unique aesthetics and functions. Our experts will work with you to find the perfect choice for your equally unique custom cabinet drawers.

Wood Selection

One crucial element of the building and customization process is wood selection. Amish Cabinets of Texas offers many affordable options, including hickory, maple, cherry walnut, and mahogany. Secondly, the wood choice will be important in your custom cabinetry experience is the use of secondary wood – the wood used for drawer boxes. Contact us for more information on how wood selection can impact the affordability of your completed design.

How To Contact Us

Ready to book an appointment? Have a question for one of our experts? Call 281-587-2663 or email us! We welcome all questions about any of our products, services, and options. Contact us to see if we have the Houston TX affordable custom cabinets you’re looking for!

Houston Fun Facts

  1. In the Heights, there is an Art Car Museum that showcases cars transformed into works of art.
  2. Houston is larger than San Francisco, New York City, and Boston combined.
  3. A ceramic case, rumored to hold a key redeemable for a gemstone in New York, is buried somewhere in Houston.
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