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Absolutely Astounding Amish Made Cabinets | Memorial, TX

Come to Amish Cabinets of Texas for an incredible selection of Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX. We offer only the best quality custom-made cabinetries for your home. Our cabinet design specialists have the best eye and spatial awareness to produce designs that will enhance your space.

amish made cabinets Memorial, TX

Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX can be custom-made to fit any style of your dreams.

Our business motto is “if you can imagine it… we can build it.” No matter how extravagant or other-worldly your design vision may be, we have the expertise and experience to bring them to life. Why settle for a regular, dull set of kitchen cabinets? Your dream kitchen is right within grasp with our Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX.

Some common kitchen cabinet styles include:

  • Flat-panel or slab
  • Inset
  • Distressed
  • Thermofoil
  • Shaker
  • Louvered

All of these have great design elements. However, it can be hard to find one that fits as well as the photos show. At Amish Cabinets of Texas, our esteemed customers are promised quality results. What you receive in your kitchen will be the exact copy of what you’re shown during the design process.

The Design Process For Amish Made Cabinets Memorial, TX

Whether you already have a clear image in your mind or are seeking professional advice from our designers, we are ready for you. Our Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX design process is quite simple. We will go through three helpful steps to make your dream design come to life: the meeting, rendering, and quote.


The first meeting leaves the strongest impression. As the first stage in the design process, we will have a mutual opportunity to get to know more about one another. Our designers will ask you a wide range of questions to know more about your cabinets and home. This not only helps us better understand your needs, but our clients also get to think more in-depth about their options.

We will ask questions like “what do you see in your home?” Or “what features would you like to have?” This gives everyone a good overview of the aesthetic direction and cabinet qualities the client is not too fond of. Although our designers will provide suggestions, you can rest assured that your idea will take priority.

amish made cabinets Memorial, TX

We use dovetail joints to create a seamless look on our cabinet corners.


Our designers are experts at operating the 3D software used to give a clearer visual image of the dream design. Compared to the design sketch from our first meeting, you will have the opportunity to see how your cabinets will look in the space they’re supposed to go. This includes using proper scaling, including objects already in the space, and exact color shades.

The 3D rendering process helps ensure the cabinets we discussed are exactly like how you envisioned. This is also an excellent time for us to work with you on making any tweaks and changes to the design. The closer we get the design to what you have in mind, the easier it will be to move on to the next step.


During this stage, you’ll get to know the official costs for the design you want. We understand the importance of comparing options for the most affordable one on the market. But we have the confidence and experience to believe that we have the best quality, price, and service package.

We will deliver the quality of the product and installation to match. Once you’ve decided on Amish Cabinets of Texas, we can begin the construction process.

Kitchen Remodeling Makes A Difference

One of the best ways to instantly increase the value of your property is remodeling. Not only will you make monetary profits after the remodeling process, but you will also gain a brand-new space.

On top of the monetary and aesthetic benefits, kitchen remodeling can help enhance overall functionality. With cabinets that came from the original builders decades ago, it can be hard to utilize all storage spaces completely. The space between the shelves inside your cabinets may be too big or too small.

For spaces that are too small, you won’t be able to fit water bottles, tall glassware, or large pots. On the other hand, significant space gaps will force the owner to stack their plates unnecessarily high to fill up all spaces.

amish made cabinets Memorial, TX

Whatever you wish for, we will deliver. Our cabinets are guaranteed to make your space shine with its elegance.

Another issue with original cabinets is that they may not be at a reachable height for some people. Even the lowest level of these kitchen cabinets will require excellent tip-toeing skills. This can be of great inconvenience with handling fragile items and cooking at the same time.

We have a great portfolio of Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX for all rooms in the house. Our designers and cabinet builders have over 50 years of combined experience creating any imaginable design. We have completed projects for kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, office cabinets, and specialties like wine cellar cabinets.

Amish Cabinets of Texas is also a great source of authentic hardwood materials. Our reliable sources allow us access to these premium materials at all times of the year. You can choose from a grand selection of hickory, cherry walnut, maple, and mahogany. All are available to be tailored precisely to your taste.

Amish Cabinets of Texas Is The Way To Go

Although based in Houston, our services can reach far beyond that. For out-of-town residents, we have an incredible service perk just for you. Amish Cabinets of Texas does not add additional fees or charges for any cabinetry design and installation made on properties outside Houston city limits.

Our initial design consultation and cost estimates are free for all clients. While this can be achieved in person, you can also access the free estimate form online. With your needs in mind, our design experts will give you a response as soon as possible.

Call us or schedule a visit today if you’re ready to start your first brainstorming session. We have all the right materials and designers to create a perfect set of Amish made cabinets Memorial, TX for all our clients.

Memorial, Houston, TX Fun Facts

  • Houston has the largest medical center in the world.
  • More than 145 languages are spoken by residents of the city.
  • Houston is projected to become the third most populous city in a few years.