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September 8, 2023

Custom Cabinet Company | Houston, TX

Welcome to Amish Cabinets of Texas, a custom cabinet company Houston, TX that makes high-quality, one-of-a-kind cabinets for every home and way of life. We’re proud of the high-quality service and work we do on cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, home office, and other rooms. We build the perfect storage places that match the style and feel of your home.

custom cabinet company Houston, TX

Our custom cabinet company can transform any room in your house into a place of beauty with our custom cabinets.

Our Custom Cabinet Company Houston, TX Excellent Custom Cabinet Work

Amish Cabinets of Texas is an experienced custom cabinet company. They make and install cabinets in any style you can think of without sacrificing the quality of their work. We believe in making your house look better and adding value to it.

Homeowners in Houston have put their trust in us to make handmade cabinets that are of the highest quality and look Amish-made. We know that a well-designed cabinet isn’t just about how it looks; it also has to work well. So, we make sure that our custom cabinets are the most useful, easy to organize, and make the best use of room possible.

Improve Your Home

Custom drawers aren’t just useful additions; they also have a lot of other benefits. One advantage is that the design of the room stays the same. With off-the-shelf cabinets, you usually have to give up on the style you want in order to use what is available.

But when you work with a custom cabinet company like ours, you get cabinets that fit your rooms perfectly. It means that no matter how big or small your room is, there won’t be any awkward gaps or drawers that aren’t lined up right.

When you choose handmade cabinets, you also add a piece of beautiful design to your home. Style, color, and decorations are just some of the things that can be changed. Whether you want a rustic theme, a modern look, or a mix of different styles, our handmade cabinets will fit right in with your interior design.

One more benefit worth noting is that there is no limit to how much you can store. Custom cabinets make the best use of storage space, so they can go in any room without making it feel too crowded. Whether it’s a big kitchen gadget or a small piece of jewelry in your bedroom, our custom cabinets help you put things away in an organized way.

High-Quality Materials

We also offer custom design services, and the quality of the cabinets we build is second to none. We only use the best products that will hold up over time. Also, we know that every home is different and that every room has different needs. So, we choose materials that match the function of the room and keep your price in mind.

Also, our skilled craftspeople use tried-and-true methods to make handmade cabinets that are strong, durable, and attractive. When you work with Amish Cabinets of Texas, you’re working with a custom cabinet company that has a long history of making beautiful woodwork that becomes the centerpiece of every home.

custom cabinet company Houston, TX

Amish Cabinets of Texas is the best custom cabinet company.

The Process of Making Custom Cabinets

The meeting is the first step in our process of making custom cabinets. Our designers will meet with you to talk about your needs, tastes, and the way you want your home to look and feel. During this meeting, we also discuss your budget to ensure that our design plans work with it.

The next step is to start designing. Using the information we got from our meeting, we come up with design ideas that fit your home’s layout and your own style. We have design choices that work with the size, shape, and natural light of your room.

Our expert design team uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to make detailed drawings of your custom cabinets. This lets you see and change the design of your project before it’s even built.

How do we build your cabinets?

After deciding on the design, we build your cabinets from scratch in our woodworking shop, using our years of experience. Our process for building custom cabinets uses high-quality, long-lasting materials and Amish-style workmanship. We make sure that every detail, from the dovetail joints to the way the cabinet doors fit, is just as good as if the cabinets were made just for you.

At the end of the cabinet construction process, our skilled workers use high-quality finishes to bring out the natural color and grain of the wood and make sure your new cabinets look and feel great. We also put in high-quality locks, handles, and soft-close hinges with great care.

How do we install your cabinets?

Once the cabinets have been built and finished, the last step is to put them in place. Our team of professionals takes care of this step with the greatest care to make sure that your new cabinets fit perfectly in the designated space and match your vision.

We put contact first at every step and keep you involved in the process, making changes as needed. We don’t just make cabinets; we make a part of your home that shows off who you are.

With Amish Cabinets of Texas, you can get cabinets that are built to last and are both fully useful and uniquely beautiful. Whether you need custom cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom, home office, or living room, we are committed to giving you the best custom cabinet experience.

custom cabinet company Houston, TX

Amish Cabinets of Texas is eager to breathe new life into your kitchen! Our custom cabinet company is here to help.

Why Should You Get Your Custom Cabinets from Amish Cabinets of Texas?

Choose a custom cabinet company Houston, TX like Amish Cabinets of Texas. You can be sure that you’ll be working with a team that cares about being honest, doing good work, and making sure customers are satisfied.

We also offer service that is smooth from start to end. We start with a thorough consultation to learn about your needs and style. Then, we carefully plan and design your project. Once you accept the design, our skilled workers put their skills to work to make it a real thing that adds to the look and functionality of your home.

Whether it’s a new home that needs handmade cabinets for different rooms or a space that needs to be updated, we promise to do everything we can to make you happy. Get in touch with us today at our Houston location and let’s start the process of making your home better!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • General Sam Houston was the hero of the fight of San Jacinto, which was a key moment in the Texas Revolution against Mexico.
  • It became the capital of the Republic of Texas in 1837, one year after the city was founded.
  • At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, Houston became a big train center.