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Order Gorgeous Custom Kitchen Islands | River Oaks, TX

River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands

Our River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands are created precisely to your specifications.

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, you might consider ordering River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands. Your kitchen is a central hub for traffic and activity in your home. Whether you cook with your family or prepare meals on your own, having a well-stocked kitchen is a must. However, we could still improve that kitchen by adding a beautiful island.

Amish Cabinets of Texas has over 20 years of experience remodeling homes with elegant custom wooden cabinets. Though they’re in our name, we don’t stop with just cabinets – we offer all kinds of storage solutions for your home that are specifically created just for you. We obsess over the finest details, perfecting our designs down to an eighth of an inch.

You won’t find better quality wooden fixtures anywhere other than Amish Cabinets of Texas. Our decades of superior construction and installation of cabinetry set us apart from competitors. We choose only the sturdiest, most beautiful materials for our work. No two pieces of our work are alike; we want to help you create your dream kitchen exactly as you fantasize it, down to the most minor details.

Why You Should Install River Oaks, TX Custom Kitchen Islands

Islands present numerous benefits for kitchen spaces. They can serve as a dishwashing station, a storage solution, or even a place to eat breakfast. Your kids can drop off their backpacks on a sturdy island as they come home from school.

Perhaps you have trouble clearing off the table after dinner. We can install a sink and dishwasher inside your island to make it the perfect in-home cleaning station.

The functionality of a custom kitchen island is unmatched. They provide not only a functional, flat surface for food prep or doing homework, but they also offer extra storage space. Use your custom kitchen island to store pots, pans, and bakeware.

Keep your appliances such as mixers or blenders hidden away when they’re not in use while remaining in an easy-to-access location. We can easily install drawers to provide a convenient place for your silverware.

Does your family have young children who aren’t so gentle with their surroundings? Do you have a large dog that likes to sprint around the house and put their paws on every surface within reach? Regular cabinets and islands won’t stand up to that kind of activity. Your home needs sturdy, durable fixtures that will last for years to come while maintaining their gorgeous, intricate looks.

River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands

Beautify your kitchen with our custom cabinets and islands.

The Ordering Process

Our ordering and design process is thorough to ensure our clients get the exact cabinets of their dreams. Though some folks might think we’re over-meticulous, we want to provide the best service possible and the highest quality product we can produce.

Rushing through any part of the process will only spoil it, so we take plenty of time to double and triple-check all of the details of our designs. We want to give you exactly what you need for your living space, which is why we’ll include you in our process every step of the way. We hope that our past work inspires you to imagine a beautiful piece of your own, so feel free to visit our showroom for ideas.

Step-by-Step Design

The very first step in our journey to bring you gorgeous custom kitchen islands is an initial meeting. We’ll meet with you to discuss your ideas and dreams for your kitchen. We want to find out your goals for the entire area so we can better incorporate the style and storage options for your island.

Our team can also give you a better idea of your options for materials, stains, and patterns. This might inspire you to rethink your design entirely or change it in a way that makes it even more fitting for your home. We want to help our fixtures blend naturally with their surroundings while standing out as beautiful custom pieces.

During our meeting, we’ll also discuss the practical aspects of your design. What is your island’s primary purpose? How can it complement its surroundings while providing valuable functions? How will its position in the room affect other fixtures? All of these questions are important to perfecting your dream kitchen.

Renders and Quotes

After solidifying a design with you, we’ll begin rendering 3D models of your proposed setup. We can digitally place virtual mockups of your island or cabinets into your home to show you how they’ll look from multiple angles. The render also helps us determine the proper scaling and dimensions for your pieces.

We can easily make edits, such as changing the elevation and footprint of your custom kitchen island during this step. Our team will continue to tweak the design as necessary to create a beautiful design full of form and function.

After we provide you with your final design in several formats, we can price our work. Feel free to keep the renders we give you should you choose to work with another company for your River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands. We stand by our creations and want to earn your trust before making your design a reality, so we encourage you to get quotes from as many of our competitors as you like.

Free Consultation

That’s right – we don’t charge for our initial consultation, our final design renders, or any revisions. The Amish Cabinets of Texas team wants you to be happy with our creations, and we’re confident that our work stands above the competition in terms of quality, price, and service. Don’t just take our word for it – ask any of our happy customers. If you like what we’ve provided, we’ll begin construction immediately.

River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands

Your living space should be harmonious, even with a new addition.

Beautiful Kitchen Islands Like No Other

The possibilities are endless when you order one of our gorgeous River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands. For more inspiration, you can view our gallery of past work to see how we’ve transformed past clients’ kitchens.

Call us to schedule an appointment and visit our showroom. Reach out to us for a quote so we can beautify your home with one of our River Oaks, TX custom kitchen islands.

Fun Facts for River Oaks, TX:

  • The first settler in River Oaks was Mr. James Ventioner.
  • The area was incorporated as a village in 1941.
  • In 1946, River Oaks finally became a city.