Katy TX luxury kitchen

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Katy TX luxury kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen can help increase your storage space.

Should I remodel my kitchen?

Many homeowners wonder what the benefits are of upgrading or replacing their kitchen cabinets. There are tremendous advantages to changing out your cabinets.

Increase your storage space

Are your cabinets filled to the brim? You’ve nested them together, carefully bundled them all up, but you still seem to be out of space. It may seem like replacing cabinets will only keep the same storage issue, but the truth is you can actually get a lot more space.

Standard methods to create more storage space include:

Installing a kitchen island–This is a great way to add more cabinet space. Plus, many homeowners find the isolated and center counter space allows them to better orchestrate the dance between the oven, sink, toaster oven, etc.

Increasing cabinet size: A total cabinet makeover means removing old cabinets and installing a new structure. So, you can choose to replace two small cabinets with one big one.

Adding a cabinet–When builders construct a new home, they usually follow a cookie-cutter cabinet placement design.

However, the cabinet placement is not always a good fit for the wall space. An expert can help you carefully choose where your cabinets will go.

Modernize your kitchen

If your cabinets from the 50s make you feel like you’re stuck in the old world, you might want to consider modernizing them. In addition, modernizing home features like kitchens will increase your home’s value.

Make room for appliances

Older kitchens cabinets left space for older appliances, which were much smaller than those on the market today. If you’ve been dying to add a shiny new stainless steel appliance, but your cabinets are hogging the area, reclaim the space with a new cabinet layout.

What are cabinet replacement options?

When it comes to replacing cabinets, there are three general categories.

Reface: If you just want to paint your cabinets and add new handles or knobs, refacing is the best route. This is a comparatively easy task, so you can save a lot of money.

Replace: A replacement will be similar in price to a redesign, but the method and labor costs differ. Even if you’re replacing cabinets, your installer will still have to remove all the old cabinets and support boards. Your new cabinets will go in the same general area with no additions.

Remodel: This is the total makeover option with custom cabinets. With a remodel, you can choose to put in a kitchen island, add more cabinet locations, remove extras, etc. Based on your needs, this can get pretty expensive.

Katy TX luxury kitchen

Custom cabinetry costs are well worth the investment.

How much will it cost to create my Katy TX luxury kitchen?

Reface costs

Since refacing cabinets only includes essential tasks like painting, changing knobs or handles, changing hinges, and possibly replacing doors, refacing labor is relatively cheap. However, the costs can increase depending on your hardware and project.

If you want a simple design for your knobs and handles and basic painting, you may only need to pay $1,000 total. This would include the price of materials and labor. You can buy knobs and handles for as little as $1.50 per two-pack, but you can easily pay over $4 for just one knob or handle.

Replacement and Redesign

First, it’s essential to understand what remodeling and replacement entail. When you replace your cabinets, you’re removing and installing multiple items:

  • Cabinet cubbies
  • Support beams on the walls
  • Cabinet doors, with hinges
  • Cabinet knobs and handles

Now, at a glance, you might think: well, that doesn’t sound that hard. But let’s look a little deeper.

Installing support beams means your installer has to find your studs. If you’ve ever had to find a stud, you know what a pain in the neck it is. However, compared to the next steps, that’s easy.

Your installer needs to make sure your cabinets are level. Perfectly level. If they’re not, it’ll be painfully obvious.

In addition, they need to carefully measure and decide where each cabinet will go. Remember, if they’re off by even an eighth of an inch, your cabinet won’t fit.

Then, they’ll put up the cabinet cubbies. It may not seem like it from a glance, but cubbies are heavy. Getting them into their exact spot on a wall is no easy feat. As they go, they’ll continually be rechecking all measurements and to ensure everything stays level.

Next comes the door install. Putting in hinges is an art. While installers have got this down to a T, it’s still tricky and time-consuming. The measurements have to be perfect, or the door won’t work.

Finally, your installer will put in the knobs and handles. They have amazing tools to position these in the middle quickly, so this is probably considered the easiest part of the entire job.

All that work adds up to a lot of labor. And if you’re getting an island put in, your installation will take even longer and involve even more complicated tasks.

So, now to an actual price. Installing kitchen cabinets can cost range from $4,000 and $20,000 or more. If you’re going for cookie-cutter designs and no changes, you could pay $4,000, possibly less. However, if you’re doing a complete revamp with custom cabinets, you can expect to pay much more.

It’s perfectly ok if you’re now wondering whether it’s even worth getting a Katy TX luxury kitchen. It is a considerable investment, and not everyone can just hop on that train.

However, we have never heard anyone say they wish they never did it. Cabinet construction upgrades can be costly, but the convenience and improvement they offer are invaluable.

Katy TX luxury kitchen

Amish Cabinets of Texas can help you build the Katy TX luxury kitchen of your dreams.

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