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Katy TX High End Kitchen Design

Are you looking for a Katy, TX high end kitchen design? Renovating your kitchen is a costly endeavor, so you need to be sure you are hiring the best professionals for the job. Luckily for you, Amish Cabinets of Texas is here to provide high-quality kitchen remodelings and renovations at competitive prices.

Katy, TX High End Kitchen Design

For a truly spectacular Katy TX high end kitchen design, come to Amish Cabinets of Texas!

Our company has been in the cabinetry business since the early 90s. Our founder, a school teacher, designed and constructed cabinetry for local customers. Listening closely to the needs and demands of the customers, these cabinets were built to order. Only quality hardwood was used in construction, resulting in sturdy, long-lasting constructions.

Over two decades and a change in ownership later, our company still prioritizes the same values it did when we first started: excellent customer service and superb craftsmanship. We will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams down to the last detail, and we will ensure that your kitchen is built out of only the finest materials.

So, don’t wait! Request a free estimate today by calling us or filling out our online form. Don’t forget to ask about visiting our Houston showroom to see our work in person. We at Amish Cabinets of Texas hope to see you soon!

What to Know About Katy, TX High End Kitchen Design

According to the National Association of Realtors, Americans spend around $400 billion on remodeling projects yearly. That’s a lot of money!

A large chunk of that money is spent on kitchen remodeling. In most houses, the kitchen serves as the hub of activity, the heart of the home. Kitchens are where families conglomerate and meals are cooked.

And, since kitchens are such an essential room in any home, any kitchen remodeling will add value to a home. According to some surveys, a kitchen renovation or remodel can increase a home’s value by up to 30%. That’s more than any other single-room remodel!

But before you start looking into Katy, TX high end kitchen design, there are some questions you need to ask yourself to ensure the best kitchen design while minimizing costs.

Why Are You Renovating Your Kitchen?

Katy TX high end kitchen design

Our kitchens can be made to fit any style.

Before you come to our initial meeting with Amish Cabinets of Texas, it will help if you know the answers to some difficult questions. This will help our design team understand exactly what kind of renovation you are looking for, which in turn will assist us in designing the perfect kitchen for you.

Some questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Why am I remodeling my kitchen? Is it to upgrade old, worn surfaces? Do I just want a change? Or am I trying to add new features and improve kitchen usability?
  • Will this be my forever home, or am I trying to add resale value to the house?
  • What do I use for my kitchen for? Do I use it a lot for entertaining, or do I want a kitchen that can stand up to more heavy cooking use?
  • Will a simple refresh be enough, or do I need a complete gut and remodel?
  • Do I need new appliances, additional plumbing, or electrical changes?
  • What is my budget?

There are lots of reasons why people want to remodel their kitchens. Let’s review the top three most common ones.

It is usually unnecessary for a complete renovation if you are simply looking to update your surfaces and fixtures. For those who are satisfied with the layout of their kitchen, consider opting for a light refresh. Replace the fixtures and surfaces and add some modern touches to your kitchen, such as copper finishes or tile countertops. These small touches will go a long way to sprucing up your kitchen!

You might also be seeking to remodel your kitchen to correct its flow or floorplan. If you find yourself constantly bumping into the counters or your kitchen does not have enough counter/cabinet space, you will likely benefit from this remodeling. Amish Cabinets of Texas can design a kitchen layout that is suited to your needs and daily use. With our help, you will be able to unlock new levels of usability in your kitchen.

The last reason why people tend to remodel their homes is because they are trying to sell them. According to experts, the top two most important rooms to have in top-condition before selling are the kitchen and master bathroom.

Advantages of Custom Cabinets?

Katy TX high end kitchen design

We at Amish Cabinets of Texas are excited to bring the kitchen of your dreams to life!

Amish Cabinets of Texas started off as a custom cabinetry company, and custom cabinets are still our specialty. One of the biggest advantages to getting custom cabinets for your Katy, TX high end kitchen design is that you can get exactly what you want. You can choose the size, shape, and color of your cabinets.

You can also pick out the type of wood, finish, and hardware. At Amish Cabinets of  Texas, we make our cabinets exclusively out of solid hardwood. You will find no flimsy MDF or particleboard in our constructions! This makes our custom cabinets very durable and gives them a timeless quality.

Look into your options before making a final decision. Don’t just stick with the store-bought cabinets. At Amish Cabinets of Texas, we can make cabinets in any style. Whether you want to build a traditional or contemporary kitchen, our expert artisans can create the perfect look for you.

Additionally, we can incorporate any feature you can imagine. In the past, we have constructed pull-out spice racks, built-in trash cans, and pot fillers. With Amish Cabinets of Texas, the only limit to our designs is your imagination!

Contact Amish Cabinets of Texas Today!

If you are looking for a high-end kitchen design, then come to us at Amish Cabinets of Texas. There are a number of top-notch designers who can create a space that is perfect for your needs.

Browse our website to learn more about our cabinet services. Our team can’t wait to help you bring your Katy, TX high end kitchen design to life!

Fun Facts about Katy, TX: 

  • The primary industry of Katy used to be rice farming.
  • Gas also became a big industry once natural gas fields were found in Katy in 1918.
  • It is thirty minutes west of Houston.