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Katy TX cabintry

If you’re looking for the custom Katy TX cabintry, give Amish Cabinets of Texas a call. We have years of experience crafting real hardwood custom cabinets for kitchens, baths, office spaces, and more.

Katy TX cabintry

A kitchen cabinet makeover is a great way to wow your guests.

What are my kitchen cabinet remodeling options?

When it comes to cabinet home improvement projects, you have three options: reface, replace, and redesign. Refacing is the most budget-friendly, and redesigning is almost always the most expensive.


If your cabinets are perfect on the inside but hideous on the outside, refacing is probably your best option. A general contractor will repaint or restain your cabinet exteriors. They’ll also replace hinges and knobs or handles.

However, refacing is not for every homeowner. Generally, because contractors do not replace the doors or cubbies, you should only choose to reface cabinets that work perfectly. Refacing will not fix broken, bowing, or damaged cabinets.


When you choose a replacement project, a contractor will remove your old cabinets and put new ones in their place. A replacement job does not include improvements or additions, such as installing an island or cutting out cabinet space.

Generally, replacing implies that you’re buying off-the-shelf cabinets. However, some clients choose to have cabinet makers install customized Katy TX cabintry in the exact position as the existing ones. If you choose to replace your cabinets with cookie-cutter cabinets, you will save money in the short term.

However, most products on the market are made with particleboard. This material won’t last nearly as long as high-quality wood products. If you love your current cabinet layout, but if they’re falling apart, replacing is usually the way to go.


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, most people think of a full revamp. If you choose to redesign your kitchen, your contractor will look at your current setup and listen to your needs. Then, they’ll offer personalized improvement ideas.

The best cabinet makers, like Amish Cabinets of Texas, know how to optimize your storage space and working room. In addition, they will give you an honest opinion of your current layout. Sometimes, you won’t need much in the way of redesign improvements.

However, most home builders try to keep costs to a minimum. So, most homebuyers usually end up with poorly designed cabinet layouts.

For a redesign project, your general contractors will add or remove cabinets, islands, or adjust cabinet sizes. If you’re struggling with low storage or kitchen space, we highly recommend investing in a redesign project.

Katy TX cabintry

When we redesign your Katy TX cabintry, we take the time to ensure your dream design comes to life.

How long does it take to install cabinets?

Let’s break your completion time into two parts. First, we’ll look at the consultation and design phase. Then, we’ll go over the actual installation time.


For refacing, you can expect a consultation to take no more than an hour. In addition, contractors should be able to complete your project in less than a day. So, depending on your contractor’s availability, your project could be finished in as little as two days.

However, most contractors can’t appear at your doorstep the day after your consultation. In addition, you may order out-of-stock paint or handles. They’ll probably finish your project, from design to finish, in a week or two.


With a replacement project, you’ll have an initial consultation and probably select the kitchen cabinets you’d like that same day. If the cabinets are in stock, your contractor may be able to begin your project that same week.

However, if your contractor needs to order the cabinets, you may have to wait up to a month for the cabinets to arrive. Further, if you buy custom-built cabinets, you’ll definitely wait at least a couple of weeks for your cabinets. As far as installation time goes, contractors can install both cookie-cutter cabinets and custom-built cabinets in about 3 to 5 days.


Redesign projects are by far the lengthiest option. Quality contractors, like those at Amish Cabinets of Texas, will meet with you and draw up a preliminary design. Then, they’ll refine your design to make sure it fits your home’s unique needs.

Then, you’ll wait for your cabinet makers to finish your custom cabinets. It will likely take at least a couple of weeks for the contractors to build your cabinets. Finally, total installation time would almost certainly take at least 5 days, but if you’re having a lot of work done, you can expect a week or more.

Why does it take so long to install Katy TX cabintry?

For both replacing and redesigning, there are several steps your contractor must complete. Here’s a very brief overview.

  1. Design. Quality companies, like Amish Cabinets of Texas, take the time to ensure your cabinets will fit perfectly. So, they’ll check where your home’s studs are located and measure, remeasure, and refine your design until it’s flawless.
  2. Build. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. Similarly, handcrafted products like those at Amish Cabinets of Texas take time to create. However, it’s well worth the wait because you’re getting incomparable quality.
  3. Remove. Before your contractor can install your new cabinets, they’ll remove your old ones. During removal, they work carefully to ensure they do not rip out drywall or damage studs. So, contractors usually need at least one day to remove your cabinets. Further, if you’re adding an island or extra cabinets, your carpenter may need two or more days.
  4. Mark and level. If cabinets must be one thing, it’s level. Most contractors are highly experienced and complete this task in no time, but it’s a critical step.
  5. Install supports and cubbies. Your contractor will likely spend the most time on this step. First, cabinets are very heavy, so it can be awkward to hold and measure at the same time. It’s possible your contractor will complete your support and cubbies in a day, but they may need as long as 4 days for complex projects.
  6. Add doors and handles or knobs. The final step is putting on the doors. Experienced carpenters do not struggle with this task, but keep in mind carpenters need time to ensure proper hinge placement. So, your contractor will likely finish this step in a day or less.
Katy TX cabintry

Choose Amish Cabinets of Texas for incomparable style and quality.

Choose Amish Cabinets of Texas

Our carpenters have over 15 years of combined experience designing, building, and installing custom cabinets. We build quality products with real wood, right here in the U.S.A. Call today and make your Katy TX cabintry dreams a reality.

Fun facts about Katy, Texas

  • Katy was originally called Cane Island.
  • Rice is one of Katy’s biggest industries, which is one reason it’s been called The Rice Capital of the World.
  • Downtown Katy is called Old Town Katy.

For more fun facts, visit the Katy website.