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Houston TX Custom Cabinet Shop

Have you been searching for the best Houston TX Custom Cabinet Shop? If so, you won’t be for much longer. Amish Cabinets of Texas has years of experience dealing with all types of cabinets. Whether you need a kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinets, or cabinet doors and drawers, we have the solution for you. Our years of experience have given us the necessary tools to provide the highest quality of service available. Additionally, we offer free estimates along with free consultations. In addition to our high-quality products, we also put an emphasis on excellent customer service. The reason for this is our belief that customer service is key to ensuring high rates of customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about our services and why we are a leading contractor in the industry.

Houston Cabinet Shop

Houston TX Custom Cabinet Shop

When purchasing a new set of cabinets, quality is everything. Our cabinet shop is ready to take on whatever needs you may have. Thanks to our years of experience, we have seen it and done it all. Feel free to make as many requests as you’d like, and we’ll make sure we meet those requests. As a contracting company, we are in the business of doing whatever it takes to make the client happy. Our team of designers and builders is ready to take on your projects as soon as possible, so don’t wait and give us a call today.

Tons of Cabinet Options

Our cabinet shop has served all kinds of cabinet needs. If you visit our website, you’ll see a link that directs you to our showroom. In this showroom, you’ll find galleries filled with images of our past projects. We have galleries for the kitchen, bathroom, and office cabinets we have built for our clients. Feel free to browse through the galleries and hopefully you’ll find a design that you like. If you do end up finding a design that fits your needs, let us know. We’d be more than happy to recreate the design for you. We would still have to adjust to your home’s unique measurements. As soon as we get all the details settled, we would be ready to get to work.

If you find a design that you think you like but aren’t sure about, we have the solution for that too. We are more than capable of making slight adjustments to a design in order to fit your specifications. Remember, we are here to meet all of your cabinet needs. So whatever you request we’ll make it a priority to fulfill that request. Above all, we want to make sure your new set of cabinets fits seamlessly into your home.

Texas Cabinet Shop

Best Cabinets in Texas

Custom Cabinet Designs

Many of our clients don’t find a design that they like from our galleries. We totally understand why that would be the case. We are all unique human beings with our own tastes and preferences. So it makes sense to have a custom design for your cabinets. Whether you have some sort of idea for a design or you are starting from scratch, we can bring your idea to life. Our team of designers and builders is always excited to take on new types of projects.

Despite our many years of experience, we are still learning and improving. The best way to keep learning is by taking on new and challenging projects. Thanks to our commitment to excellence, we always try to excel at every project we take on. In addition, we always adhere to the industry’s highest standards regarding safety and efficiency. You can rest easy knowing that your projects will be handled by the most capable hands.

Before we start the building process, we like to meet with our clients face to face. This initial meeting is meant to provide all the necessary details about your design. In this meeting, we’ll discuss relevant matters such as the time, space, and cost of the projects. We will also want to know the purpose of the cabinets and what the client is looking for in the design. Additionally, we’ll analyze the worksite to make sure your new cabinets fit seamlessly into your home.

3D Modeling Software

We take all the necessary steps to make sure we are doing our job the best way possible. One of the ways we do this is by using our 3D modeling software. This state-of-the-art software allows us to show you a 3D model of your design without ever picking up a tool. This is especially great for making sure we are all on the same page before we begin the building process. The software also allows us to make edits to accommodate any requests you may have.

Kitchen Cabinet shop

Cabinet Installation and Designing Services

If you see the 3D model and feel like there are some changes that need to be made, let us know. The purpose of this software is to get as close to your vision as humanly possible. We will keep making edits until we find the model that best fits your needs and preferences. Once we find the perfect model, we’ll be able to offer you an accurate quote free of cost. Don’t hesitate to ask about anything you feel needs to be addressed. We want to make sure you are truly happy with our service.

We Serve of all Texas

It doesn’t matter if you are in Austin or El Paso, we’ll make sure you get the set of cabinets you deserve. Our design team will meet you at the worksite and discuss all the details in person. Once everything is agreed upon, we’ll return to get started on the projects. Although we are based in Houston, we serve all cities in Texas at no extra cost. We like to call ourselves the one-stop shop for cabinets for a reason. Contact us today to learn about how we can improve your home’s feel and in turn enhance your home experience. You won’t find another company with the same level of quality and commitment to excellence, we guarantee it.

Houston TX Custom Cabinet Shop

If you are ever in search for a custom cabinet shop, you know who to call. You can reach Amish Cabinets of Texas by calling (281) 587-2663 or find us online. If you want to learn more about the best Houston TX Custom Cabinet Shop, let’s get started.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • The fourth-largest city in the U.S.
  • Home to three professional sports teams
  • Host the largest livestock show in the world.
  • Learn more here.