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Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets That Are Dazzling | Memorial, TX

At Amish Cabinets of Texas, you can buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX that stand out from everyone else. Uniqueness is one of the many reasons why people buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX. You’ll be able to stand out from the rest of the community with the custom cabinetry that wows people.

buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX

Buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX to utilize all corners and crevices. The kitchen space should be both functional and inviting.

Some cabinetry businesses may unknowingly mislead customers into thinking they’ll be able to truly buy custom kitchen cabinets. In reality, their services may just be customizing the dimension of basic cabinet sizes. To get fully customized cabinets, the color, exterior door dimension, interior storage dimension, and hardware should all be customizable. Rather than spending extra time browsing, it’s better to head to Amish Cabinets of Texas first.

The foundation and spirit of our business are based on this motto: “If you can imagine it… we can build it.” No design is too out-of-this-world for our highly experienced designers. They are capable of bringing any sort of design and style to life. You can call us to book a visit to our showroom today.

Our services cover the entirety of the Greater Houston area and more. No matter where you’re located, you’ll be able to buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX from us.

Now Is The Time To Buy Custom Kitchen Cabinets Memorial, TX

If you didn’t personally design the interior of your home, there’s got to be one or two things you’re dissatisfied with. For most homeowners, the kitchen is one of them. Most homes come in builder-grade materials or products of the same level. Builder-grade cabinets are the cheapest option for home construction companies, but this doesn’t benefit the homeowner. These cabinets are made with the simplest, most bare-bone materials.

On average, these cabinets will last for five years before they start to show signs of deterioration. You’ll notice peeling, discoloration, and warping on the cabinets around the five-year mark. Some might even fail to close properly. None of these are pleasing to the eyes, and you certainly wouldn’t want any guests to notice.

Even if it’s not builder-grade, other grade-level cabinets are still lacking in comparison to custom-made ones. Kitchen cabinets are grouped into four grades based on their quality: ready-to-assemble (RTA), stock, semi-custom, and custom. When you buy custom kitchen cabinets, you are receiving the highest quality.

There are several reasons why people choose custom-made cabinets over the other three grades:

  • These cabinets are built to last.
  • The custom-made cabinets will be fully utilized.
  • No one else will have a kitchen like yours.
  • The value of your home will steadily rise.

It Is As Simple As 1, 2, 3

Remodeling is not an easy task for homeowners to take on. It requires careful planning, time management, and comparison of different sources. If you’re new to it, kitchen cabinet remodeling might sound just as intimidating. At Amish Cabinets of Texas, we guarantee that this won’t be an issue.

Our attentive team members will work with you all the way from the first consultation to post-installation check-ins. You are guaranteed to receive a premium service package and have all your questions and concerns rapidly answered.

We won’t waste your time or money with designs that aren’t exact replicates of what you have in mind. Our free estimate is available for all customers, and you get to keep our final design even if we’re not your top choice. The design process can be categorized into three simple steps: the meeting, design rendering, and the quote.

buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX

You’ll get to see your cabinet design from all angles. Our designers will ensure each detail is exactly to your liking.

The Meeting

During the first stage of our design process, we’ll meet with you to better understand one another. If you don’t have a concrete design in mind, we’ll show you our portfolio and explain some unique cabinetries. On the other hand, if you have a vivid image you want to recreate, we’ll get a better understanding of that.

We’ll ask you several questions to find out more about the direction you’re going for. Based on the stylistic approach you want to take, we’ll narrow down the type of cabinets to match. Amish Cabinets of Texas has a vast selection of wood stains, patterns, materials, and more. The more we understand your design vision, the more we can solidify your design.

Design Rendering

After the initial consultation, our designers will make the necessary changes to scale your design proportionally. The purpose of this is to render a 3-D design with our design software. This way, you’ll see a clearer visualization of what the end product will look like in your kitchen space.

buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX

We can make any type of cabinet, not just kitchen cabinets. Refresh your space today.

With the exact shape and color of other items in your kitchen, you will see how well the cabinet matches with the overall theme. This is also a good time to make any design changes through a joint effort between the designers and customers.

The Quote

The last step is presenting polished design pieces and our estimate. It’s important to thoroughly compare the benefits of working with different companies. Even if we aren’t the cabinetry company you decide on, everything we worked on together will still be free of charge.

Why Choose Something Less Grand Or Extravagant?

Your kitchen is one of the most frequented places in your house. It is where you host parties and prepare fine dining for your guests. Why settle for something that will bring down the already finely decorated kitchen area?

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the cabinetry business at Amish Cabinets of Texas. Whether it is our designers, contractors, or installers, all are fully equipped with the proper experience to deliver the highest quality of experience. Your kitchen will be in good hands with our history, expertise, and professionalism.

Feel free to check out our previous projects and authentic customer testimonials. You’ll see why we’re the number one source to buy custom kitchen cabinets Memorial, TX from.

Houston, TX, Memorial Fun Facts

  • Rice University’s Rice Owl baseball team won the College World Series in 2003.
  • Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen founded Houston in 1836.
  • More than 145 languages are spoken in the city.