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Cabinets are an often overlooked detail in someone’s home; something that Amish Cabinets of Texas, makers of kitchen cabinets near me Royal Oaks, TX, never takes for granted. We honor our traditional and family-oriented methods and take the time and care needed to create custom cabinetry for local Houston homes.

Each piece is original, and custom and is made specifically to our client’s preferences, delivering outstanding pieces every time.

With over a decade of durable pieces and satisfied customers, Amish Cabinets of Texas are some of the best of the best. Our quality, handmade pieces will add convenience and usefulness to your home. By partnering with us, we can transform your home and help you make it the space you dream it to be.

Kitchen Cabinets Near Me Royal Oaks, TX, Custom Cabinetry, and Your Home

Royal Oaks, TX Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Trust Amish Cabinets of Texas today.

Custom cabinetry from kitchen cabinets near me Royal Oaks, TX is an investment put in place for use by multiple generations to come. The care put into every item will make your home feel even better than before.

These cabinets are sturdy, made from good quality materials, and will aid in making a bold statement anywhere in your home.

By investing in our cabinets, you are saving yourself money that alternatively could be going towards repairs. You also save your own stress when poorly built cabinets end up breaking entirely.

What Makes Us Different

Our mission is all about providing custom cabinets that will last a lifetime. Every home is different and unique, meaning that your needs for the cabinets in your home are one-of-a-kind too.

Convenience and usefulness are high priorities for us. Different lifestyles demand different kinds of space and organization, meaning that temporary solutions can’t always measure up to being the cabinets you need them to be.

Our quality in both materials and craftsmanship is one of the defining features of our work. We do not compromise the standards we hold ourselves to for our pieces. Our strict adherence to our working values allows us to craft cabinets perfectly suited for our clients. We cut no corners and take no shortcuts that could potentially curb the quality of our products.

Our pieces are finished when you decide they are. We are dedicated to creating a custom set of cabinets for you that meet 100% of your standards and expectations.

If you want to see examples of our work, we have a gallery of pieces we’ve created online for your viewing pleasure. Take a look or make an appointment by calling 281-587-2663 to see our traditional craftsmanship at work.

Our Cabinet Features

Custom cabinets are more viable than you might think. Our fine materials and personal selection of different woods, finishes, and designs add luxury at the right price. Everything down to the smallest inch is personalized and features several different design options, like adjustable shelves and different kinds of doors.

Royal Oaks, TX Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Royal Oaks, TX kitchen cabinets near me can be made for uniquely shaped spaces.

Some of the design styles you’ll be able to choose from include:

  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Rustic
  • French Renaissance

Upgraded options are available as well. With the same original features as the others, upgrades that can be chosen by the client include:

  • Overlays
  • Custom Moldings
  • Organization Features
  • Adjustable rollouts

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates and quotes to all clients interested in working with us at Amish Cabinets of Texas. No price is decided until the ordering process is complete. There is no pressure placed on our customers because we understand custom cabinets are a substantial investment and undertaking. Our attention to detail and diligence are reflected in all the work we do– our cabinets are never done until our clients are completely satisfied.

Head over to our Free Estimate Request Form and let us know what vision we can help you create.

Royal Oaks, TX Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Looking for Royal Oaks, TX Kitchen Cabinets Near Me? Contact us for a free estimate today!

How to Order

At Amish Cabinets of Texas, every order is a custom order. We keep the process simple to be as transparent as possible. You deserve to know what you’re paying for, and we use the information given to us to make sure it matches your vision.

  1. Meeting and discussing your vision.
    Just like our meticulous attention to detail, our process for ordering custom cabinetry is just as involved and refined as everything else we do. We ask in-depth questions about your home and lifestyle to decide what’s essential for your cabinet space.
    Convenience is essential to our craftsmanship, so the meeting process is extremely important for both our company and our customers. We want you to feel confident in our work and make sure that you control all of the options you will need.
  2. The editing process and customer confirmation.
    After we decide on choices and styles, our sketches and plans are made into 3-D models. These will show you how the finished cabinets will look once they’re in your home. Adjustments are to be expected, so please make sure you let us know of any changes to the design you might have in mind.
  3. Tell you about your potential price.
    Here at Amish Cabinets of Texas, we are as transparent as possible in all aspects of the ordering process, especially so when it comes to price. We present our costs and work time clearly to our customers, allowing them to weigh their choices before deciding on the finished order.

Contact Us Today

We take the time and patience to create custom cabinets with finely selected materials. Our pieces are built to last several generations and create a space that is tailored to you. Our goal is to make them as useful as they can be. Whether you need storage for your kitchen, bathrooms, or offices, we offer many options that can cater to any home.

Free estimates for our work are available at all times on our website. Contact our physical showroom to schedule a visit today.

If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets near me Royal Oaks, TX, consider Amish Cabinets of Texas and see how our gorgeous cabinetry works in your home today.


Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  1. Houston is often shortened to “H-Town.”
  2. Houston is the fourth most populated city in the United States.
  3. Houston has more than 145 languages spoken across the city and the Greater Houston area.

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