Katy TX Wood Mode Cabinets

If you are looking for Katy TX wood mode cabinets, Amish Cabinets of Texas is here for you! We are here to help you build the home of your dreams with flexibility, affordable prices, and quality. No matter what room you are looking to build cabinets in, we will do it for you.

Instead of providing a sales pitch, we prefer showing our work to you in person. Call today to make an appointment to visit our showroom and see our work in person.

You can purchase any of the featured projects within our showroom as they are ready for delivery and installation. We also provide custom cabinets from your ideas.

Our History and Mission

After founding the business over twenty years ago, we have moved from Houston to Katy to provide exceptional service to everyone in the area. Our company is woman-led, and we employ veterans. Each of our contractors has been in the construction and contracting business for years, and we have learned a lot from our clients. 

Katy TX custom kitchens

Kitchen cabinets can be refaced, replaced, or redesigned.

Back in the early 1990s, a teacher decided to design cabinets for local customers, which is how we began. With that idea in mind, in 2008, we started making custom cabinetry statewide. We are under new ownership now and are quickly expanding.

By working in this business, we have created quality methods to give you your very own dream kitchen. From roomy drawers where each of your utensils fit perfectly to a discreet space to hide your trashcan, we can do it. No matter the order, our cabinets will immediately improve your lifestyle.

Our family-taught woodworking will fit all of your needs. With our custom-made cabinets, you will have a clean home and more time to enjoy the things that matter to you.

Cabinets are the most overlooked items in anyone’s home. However, with a custom design to fit your aesthetic, it will be the talk of the room! Other contractors will only give poorly built cabinets that fall apart quickly. With us, your cabinets will be good as new for years to come. 

With our work, you can have a personalized home to wake up to. For that, you will be productive and inspired to make every day extraordinary. As evidence, we have obtained prestigious awards showing our quality work that is unparalleled in this industry.

Katy TX Wood Mode Cabinets and More

When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, storage room, or anywhere else, come to us to get the suitable cabinets. Remodeling is fun as you will get to remodel your lifestyle. Our custom designs will give you increased storage and a quality home.

All of us at Amish Cabinets of Texas will be there for you every step of the way. We want to make something that genuinely conveys your every need. Our solid cabinets will bring your vision to life. We help everyone with their dreams, and we will help you, too.

No two designs are the same. We will work to provide detail down to the very last inch. As a result of our work, each cabinet is full of durable and quality design. With the extra storage, we provide authentic wood and American-made hardware. 

Katy TX custom kitchen islands

Our Katy TX wood mode cabinets will be something you love and deserve.

We provide custom construction with many different styles and joints. Panel doors are one of the most popular choices and give a strong appearance compared to battened doors. They are strong and are generally used for exterior use.

Panel doors are easy to design in several ways and have less maintenance than other types of doors. With these, you will have a wide range of elegant options to choose from for your home. 

Our custom cabinets are made to impress you with beauty, efficiency, and strength. This fine furniture will last you for generations, from the custom Milter Lock Joint to the Dove Tail Drawer Joint. 


How To Start With Us

Although you may find our process long and meticulous, we strive to be thorough so you can receive the best possible service. Instead of settling for rushed designs and inattentive service, bring us your vision today, and we’ll do the rest for you. 

The Meeting

The first step in our process is the hello. After we first meet you, we will ask simple questions about what you are looking for in your home and the cabinets themselves.


If you can imagine it… we can build it.

People will have a set idea in mind without considering all their options, as there are many possibilities. With the patterns, stains, materials, and anything else, our extensive customization options will leave you with the perfect design.

It is helpful for you to come in with an idea in mind since each cabinet is made differently. Whatever design you choose, we will provide 100% quality. We will see to it that your ideas come to life. Call today and ask about our Katy TX Wood Mode Cabinets.

The Rendering 

Once we have finished the design, we will ensure the sizing and dimensions will be appropriately scaled. The most critical function for your home’s safety is the measurements. If anything is the wrong size, things could go wrong, and we work to avoid that.

By working together with you, we will make any adjustments necessary to make the final design. You are guaranteed to get the design you envisioned.

The Quote

The final step before we get to work is to figure out the pricing. We at Amish Cabinets of Texas strive to give competitive prices compared to other companies. We believe that we are the best in quality, pricing, and service.

Although you may have other options, we want your trust in our work for you. For that reason, the initial consultation is free, you get to keep the final design, and we won’t charge for any revisions. We want you to have complete confidence to receive the cabinetry you won’t regret.

Call Today For A Free Quote

You can call us at (281) 587-2663 to get started or fill out the form. We are located just north of Houston, and be sure to keep up with our news to see what else we are doing.

For the best Katy TX wood mode cabinets, come to Amish Cabinets of Texas.

Katy, TX Fun Facts:

  • Katy is known for its haunted cemetery.
  • The City of Katy is a UFO hotspot.
  • Katy is almost the drone capital of the world.
  • Learn more about Katy, Tx by visiting the website.

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