Katy TX Amish Cabinets

Chances are, if you are looking for Katy TX Amish Cabinets, then you want a high-quality cabinet for your home or business. Look no further because Amish Cabinets of Texas only uses 100% real hardwood to make luxury custom cabinets. When you choose us to complement your next project, you will not sacrifice quality for the price.

Katy TX Amish Cabinets

Highly recommended Katy TX Amish Cabinets. Contact us today for room furniture grade cabinets.

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your home office or business. Whether you’re interested in cabinets for a commercial or residential project, we do it all. Updated kitchen cabinets can bring new life into your home. But cabinets are not just for your kitchen.

Our custom cabinets can revamp your dining room, living room, and even your entertainment center! Amish Cabinets of Texas offer American-made products. Additionally, we only use solid wood for the most authentic finishes.

No furniture store can offer you the same amount of customizable options as we can. Our design process is unique and can not be mass-produced like other furniture stores. We urge you to call us today if you have any questions about our Katy TX Amish Cabinets!

Custom Built Amish Furniture

We have been proudly servicing the greater Houston area for over 50 years are happy to say we are the number one choice for custom cabinets in Houston. Due to decades worth of experience, we have refined how we design and craft our furniture. Using the highest quality wood, we can create furniture grade 100% all-wood cabinetry to outlast our competitors. Our ample experience in designing and installing cabinets for residential and commercial projects alike makes us confident that we can work with any size space.

We are pleased to say that we are a veteran-owned and family-operated business. You can trust the professionals at Amish Cabinet of Texas to deliver outstanding customer services and knowledge. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, so you can rest assured the passionate and dedicated individuals will provide the highest quality Katy TX Amish Cabinets. 

Skilled Craftsmen

Thanks to our years of business, we have developed the skills necessary to provide you with gorgeous craftsmanship and effortless installations. The knowledge we now possess was gained through decades of trial and error. Now we have perfected our design techniques for a flawless product. It is our goal to collaborate with your projects or remodels seamlessly.

We are no stranger to how busy an ongoing site can be. That’s why we are the experts at coordinating with your builder or contractor to ensure the job gets done on time. Amish Cabinets of Texas is the choice for you to care about the little details and demand the highest quality. 

Wide Selection

Katy TX Amish Cabinets

We do kitchen baths in kitchens and bathrooms.

We may be centralized in the Houston area, but our craftsmanship reaches far beyond the state lines. Our team can work with any type of hardwood you envision, so there is no dream we can’t bring to life. If the hardwood you want is available on the open market, we can procure it.

Our selection is vast and includes cherry walnut, maple, mahogany, and hickory, plus many more. All the woods we offer are available in a knotty or a select finish. No matter what wood you want to be used for your home or business, we promise that it will be 100% all wood.

We promise that none of our cabinets include MDF or particleboard like our competitors that mass produces. 

ParticleBoard and MDF

Particleboard is also known as chipboard and is an engineered wood product like MDF. Except particle board uses wood chips and jute stick chips with synthetic resin to hold together. The wax can be substituted for any chemical binder as long as it will hold together once a machine presses it.

MDF is Medium density fiberboard and is a popular option for cheaper cabinets today. This material is comprised of wood fiber, wax, and resin. Particleboard is a very cheap option and should not be used for cabinets generally. Typically particleboard is used for utilitarian work, and MDF is a substitute for wood in furniture projects.  

Lower Price Means Low Quality

Both particleboard and MDF are cost-effective for the initial purchase, but when you factor in the costs of repairs and damages, they can become a hassle. Both of these options are weak and are nowhere nearly as durable and long-lasting as wood.

The craftsmen at Amish Cabinets of Texas choose to craft using only 100% all wood because the quality really shows in the finished product. Your home or business is a long-term investment, so why not add value to that investment with solid wood cabinets from us. 

 MDF Appearance

Again MDF can not compete with solid wood, especially in terms of appearance. Since we choose the finest wood to craft your dream cabinets, you will be able to see the difference. Amish Cabinets of Texas knows how to work with solid wood to deliver the most beautiful finishes. MDF can not produce a finish like wood, so there is no way to hide the unpainted MDF board’s quality. If you care about style and presentation in your home, then solid wood is the only choice. 

Katy TX Amish Cabinets

Amish Cabinets of Texas offers many wood types!

Particle Wood Disadvantages 

Keep reading to see the disadvantages of particle board for your next project. 

  • Particleboard is very low in strength, meaning it easily damages even when handling. 
  • The lifetime of particleboard is meager compared to solid wood and even MDF. You can attribute its short lifetime to its low durability. 
  • It has no resistance to humidity and moisture. This is a massive disadvantage because, in any pretense of moisture, it will warp and expand. 
  • Particleboard is not eco-friendly. Companies manufacture it with formaldehyde as a resin. If not sealed properly, it can break down and release a toxic gas. 

We are Ready to Assist You

We are eager to work with you! It is our mission to create custom cabinets that will perfectly fit into your room or business. We want to involve you in every step along the way. That is why we offer free estimates! Our materials are of top-tier quality, and our prices are unmatched. Please visit us today for Katy TX Amish Cabinets that you’ll love! 

Fun Facts about Katy Texas

  • Katy was originally a railroad town along the MKT railroad.
  • The Buffalo Bayou allowed Katy to thrive from fertile rice farms.
  • In the 1960s is when Katy began to boom.
  • If you want to learn more about Katy, Texas, visit them!

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