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Where to Get Amazing Custom Kitchen Cupboards | Houston, TX

You can find high quality custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX, at Amish Cabinets of Texas. We make excellent cabinets that will bring plenty of style and flair to your kitchen.

custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX

At Amish Cabinet of Texas, we can make your custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX.

Custom Kitchen Cupboards Houston, TX

At Amish Cabinets of Texas, we can accommodate your personal style with a number of customization features. We build spacious and solid cabinets that will suit your kitchen or wherever else in your house you need a cabinet to be built.

We believe in a hands on approach to making custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX. To accomplish this, we will be in close contact with you every step of the way when designing your new kitchen cabinet. We want to make sure you are left with the cabinet of your dreams after we’re finished.

A kitchen is a critical space in the home that you will use every single day. Why settle for lesser quality cabinetry when you can have the joy of looking at and using a cabinet made by us at Amish Cabinets of Texas? We use high quality methods and materials to ensure your cabinet will be durable and long-lasting.

You can learn more about cabinet construction methods by reading on in order to be better prepared for your consultation with us. There are many things you should know about cabinet construction that will enable you to make informed decisions on customization choices.

Cabinet Construction at Amish Cabinets of Texas

Our cabinets have adjustable shelves made of thick UV cured Birch plywood. This plywood is three fourths of an inch thick. The shelves have a wood veneer edge band. The UV coating on the Birch plywood is resistant to water and most household chemicals. This will protect the integrity of your cabinet and keep it in good condition.

The adjustable shelves can be made at any depth you would like. Cabinets made in an open or glass front style will have a coordinating solid wood cap instead of a wood veneer edge band. The shelves will be stained and have two topcoats applied to create beautiful rich color.

custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX

Call us today to design custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX.

The flat panel end (FF) is located on the side of a cabinet. At Amish Cabinets of Texas, our flat panel ends are made of a half inch thick solid wood on one side. This thick wood will have resistance to water and most household chemicals.

On the interior side of the flat panel end, it is made of UV cured Birch a quarter of an inch thick. The Birch is glued to the solid wood portion. Our raised panel ends are constructed in a similar way with three fourths of an inch thick hardwood on one side and half inch thick UV cured Birch wood glued onto the back side.

The way Amish Cabinets of Texas constructs our cabinets, our raised panel ends are incorporated into the construction of the cabinets. This allows for a matching interior finish behind the cabinet doors. The back panel of our cabinets is made of a fourth of an inch thick matching plywood.

UV cured plywood a half inch thick is used to craft the sides, tops, and bottoms of the cabinets. The wood will match the shelves and end panels and are resistant to wear. The bottom piece of the cabinets is finished on both sides.

The cabinet boxes can be built to whatever dimensions you need to an eighth of an inch. You will be glad you chose Amish Cabinets of Texas to design your cabinets when you are enjoying large spacious drawers that can comfortably fit any kitchenware you want.

Our cabinet boxes can be divided in any way you need, as we build them as one continuous box without any need for filler boards or spacers. The custom miter lock has been customized by us to give your cabinet more structural stability and integrity.

Many door styles are available for you to choose from. The profile of the panel, the inside, and the outside edge are all completely customizable. Some door construction methods you can choose from are slab, cope and stick, mitered, and mortice and tenon.

custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX

Trust the quality of Amish Cabinets of Texas.

The raised panel and flat panels of the cabinet doors are made of three fourths of an inch of solid room. The stiles and rails are commonly made with cope and stick construction. The overlay is usually a half inch thick. You can get an inset, inset beaded, full, or frameless overlay.

Door bumpers are attached to our cabinet doors at Amish Cabinets of Texas. These are made of octagonal clear rubber. They will help prevent the wear and tear that happens to cabinets when they bump into things upon opening and closing.

The face frames at Amish Cabinets of Texas are made of three fourths of an inch of solid wood. The face frames are glued, screwed, and toenailed from the back with pocket screws. The stiles and rails are about one and a half inches wide typically. Our cabinets usually don’t have center stiles so that more open space is accessible.

Blum European hidden hinges with a soft close mechanism are what we at Amish Cabinets of Texas typically use for our cabinet hinges.

Amish Cabinets of Texas

If you want to schedule a consultation with us to discuss what you want for your custom designed cabinet, please call us using our phone number. If you want to see examples of our work before you commit to anything, you can make an appointment with our local Houston showroom.

Our showroom is open six days a week. You can visit to see several different examples of the unique cabinets we make. We have an eye for detail and the dedication to provide you with the kitchen cabinet of your dreams.

Call us today to schedule your consultation for custom kitchen cupboards Houston, TX.

Fun Facts About Houston, TX

  • Houston is the most populated city in Texas.
  • The Karankawa and the Atakapa indigenous people used to live in the Houston area.
  • Houston typically has mild winters.