Houston TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Amish Cabinets of Texas constructs the best Houston TX custom kitchen cabinets near me. Our goal is to get you closer to the dream home you envision. We give you all the creative freedoms you can muster and cater precisely to your designs.

Out of all the rooms in the home, we spend most of our waking hours in the kitchen. Our meals, the central event for families, take place here, from cooking, eating, cleaning, and washing the dishes. It’s here we have the back door, where guests first see our home, and we eat breakfast. For this reason, in the mornings, the kitchen is commonly referred to as the staging area for the rest of the day. It is no wonder we value making this room as aesthetically pleasing to live in as possible.

Our Work

Our custom kitchen cabinets are easy to work, soft-closing, and of a solid, durable wood product. Upon request, we offer MDF or particleboard components. They can come in several different types, including site-built, prefabricated, and semi-custom cabinets. We give our attention to every 1/8’’ of the design. No two of our designs end up the same.

Houston TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Our selection of kitchen cabinets are second to none!

We also do cabinets for all. Cabinets are perhaps the most versatile and universally used piece of furniture. Other than cabinets for your kitchen remodel, we make bathroom cabinets, bookcases, entertainment systems, cabinets for the living room and bedroom, or any use. Your office space, as well, can use a sprucing up and given a professional look with our custom cabinets. We also have experience with personalized wine cabinets, butler’s pantries, and elegant China cabinets.

Here you can view some of our featured work to see our styles and craftsmanship we have employed before:

Our Mission and History

Living day in and out in our homes can have us overlooking the hard work and fine attention to detail. Custom cabinets can both provide a more aesthetic experience and efficient use of space for storage in a kitchen or bathroom. We combine the three functions of beauty, utilitarian use, and strength in every one of our cabinets. The materials and products we use are American-made, built to function and last.

A home that you personalize energizes and inspires. It brings balance, order, and cleanliness to the home. With our diligent and attentive, traditional family-taught woodworking, we bring you the extravagant cabinets of your dreams. Each cabinet is tailored to your desires because we do not have a brand to sell to you.

We also want to take a moment to note we have received several awards for our excellence both in craftsmanship and service. The Better Business Bureau has given us our A+ ratings, speaking to our dedication to you as the customer.

Since our inception, Amish Cabinets of Texas has been woman-led and employed veteran contractors and craftsmen. With your work in our experts’ hands, you can rest easy that you will be satisfied at the end of the day. We began as a schoolteacher who started making her own cabinets for local customers in the 90s. But in 2008, we started serving all the Texas community.

Our Process

To make your luxurious and highest quality cabinet yours, we begin with a meeting to discuss your ideas. We will figure out the cabinet of your dreams and get what is in your head on paper. Before you start, here is an outline of the process. Knowing it beforehand and what to expect can help you receive the best service possible.


Houston TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

Houston TX Kitchen Cabinets rendering model

Our initial meeting together will consist of us asking you questions about what you need. We will ask about your home and the cabinets you want themselves. Our goal is to nail down what this is even if you know none of the terms for the styles, materials, designs, or patterns. After you see what we can do, you might realize you have not considered all the possibilities you can work with.


After we have worked together to get everything laid in pencil and in multiple formats, we head to the computer. Before you have to commit to the design, we are going to display everything as 3D models. We have the opportunity to see your cabinet in the room from many different angles. And with this, we can test the cabinet design’s structural integrity. Here as well, we extensively edit our plans. Before you know it, the final design will come into sight.


Houston TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

3D Custom Cabinet Design

After we have created the final design and rendered it in multiple formats, we can give you an estimate for your kitchen, bath, or office cabinets. We do not believe in you paying until you are satisfied with the design. We know you have plenty of other options for your Houston TX custom kitchen cabinets near me. But we are confident in telling you that there is no place you will find a better product or service. Our competitive prices, high-quality materials and cabinets, and customer care will convince you to stay with us through the entire process.

Now that you understand the process we go through before touching wood, you probably have a better idea about how creative you can get. Hopefully, you know more of what questions to ask when it comes to your kitchen designer or bathroom remodel. We look forward to it.

Houston TX Custom Kitchen Cabinets Near Me

We have been serving the Greater Houston area for ten years, with over twenty years of all wood cabinets experience. Our professionals have a combined experience that exceeds fifty years. We are dedicated to our expertise and artistry and promise to deliver the best in the industry. You will enjoy the artisanal craftsmanship we employ and the long-lasting material and structure of our product. We feel your most significant draw to our company should be the selection of cabinets and full customization we offer.

We also recommend taking advantage of our free consultations and estimates. If you want to add that personal touch to the home you imagine for yourself, you can contact us. For your Houston TX custom kitchen cabinets near me needs call (281) 587-2663 or email us at info@amishoftexas.com.

Houston Fun Facts

  • We are home to 4 professional sports teams: the Rockets play basketball, the Astros play baseball, the Texans play football, and the Dynamos play soccer.
  • Our namesake is General and President Sam Houston.
  • We were briefly the capital of the Republic of Texas, from 1837 to 1839.
  • Houston is the 4th most populated city.
  • For more on Houston, visit https://www.houstontx.gov.

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